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1973-1979 LIFE Magazines For Sale

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The continuous run of weekly LIFE magazines issues ended with December 29, 1972.
A few special issues of LIFE were published during the period from January 1973 through September 1978.
I make a real effort to find these rare special issues and make them available to you!
Regular monthly issues started with the October 1978 issue and continued through May 2000.

Life Magazine 1973 Special ReportLife Magazine 1973 Special Report - The year 1973 in pictures.

The faces of Watergate – photos of the famous Nixon crew. The fate of a President by Bonnie Angelo. New American Heros – Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Archibald Cox, Elliot Richardson, Sam J. Ervin, John Sirica. Global fuel famine – arabs close the oil spigot. Great color photo of Pete Conrad and Paul Weitz, astronauts in skylab. POW's first year home, nice photo of Robert Stirm greetings his family. Israel is fighting again. Bob Jeffrey' Obituary 1973. Photo of Princess Anne and her horse falling at jump - she tells press "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not really hurt." Photo from Woodstock. Nice photo of Hank Aaron and another of Wiilie Mays, baseball. Coolest photo ever of racehorse Secretariat. Great roller derby photo of Charlie O'Connell of the San Francisco Bay bombers. The sweep of 1973 – famous photos. Burglary tools from the Watergate break in. And the war drags on – photos of 1974 Vietnam.
POOR (Complete Reading Copy. Cover loose with some tears. Water marked corner.) - $15 buy now

LIFE Magazine 
      1973 The Spirit of IsraelLIFE Magazine 1973 The Spirit of Israel. Cover – Close-up of an Israeli man.

This issue is a Special Report pertaining to the 25th anniversary of Israel. The entire issue is about Israel and there aren’t any ads, 91p. Two page color aerial photo of Jerusalem. Many photos of individuals and activities, including a really amazing full page photo of a woman breast-feeding her baby, but names are not given. Two page photo of the annual march through the Judean wilderness. Two page close-up photo of a smoking Golda Meir. Reunion photo of the Stern Gang, wearing vintage prison suits. The bloody dawn of Israel. A page and a half photo of the grim Shaar Aliyah receiving center near Haifa. The story of two immigrant families : the Nidam family from Morocco in 1955 and the Talblum family from Romania in 1959. Here come the Russians. The Six-day war. Israeli soldiers holding a service at the wailing wall. Neat two page photo of the Israeli Symphony Orchestra performing on the deck of a military Landing craft at Sharm el Sheikh. The Golan Heights. Terrorists and hijackings. Modern times in Tel Aviv – large section. Doctor Theodor Herzl. A Sabra’s life – Yossi Israeli, Smadar Fluxman. The Plastic Flower children, young Sabras, Yoram Kaniuk. Very pretty full page color photo of the Russian Orthodox church and the Dome of the Rock on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. Two page photo of Muslims praying in the Mosque of Al Aqsa. Much more.
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Life Magazine September 5, 1974Life Magazine September 5, 1974 : Special Report : One day in the life of America.

LIFE photographers follow and photograph ordinary Americans as they go about their lives. 208 photos of real Americans. Among many others, photos include Chuck Couts, Bob Noblitt, Francoise Kirkland, Denise Lichtman, Bruce Roberts and Debby Felmeth, Katka Matulova, Tom Duffy, Pilot Herb Green, Carlisle Savage of New Orleans, Molly Scott, Mary Kentos and brand new daughter Pamela Ann Kentos. Building inspectors near the top of the World Trade Center, Stanley Campbell in Madison, Eva Maria Gerdtz at the Playboy studio, 88 year old Kate Barton, singer David Kapps, Molly Scott skinny dipping with children, Mark Garrett and Nina Paratore in Madison, Juan Romero in Seattle. Earl Stevens at Buffalo Cafe. Ed Harbort of Madison, Wisconsin. Willis Hammer's farm in Illinois. Jeanne Howell judging pastry. Colstrip, Montana. Clara Anderson in burglarized house. Carrie Brown of Portland on her 100th birthday. First day in America for the Mattera family from Naples. William Wallace retires from army. Frances Umpleby on her 100th. Great color photos of newly married couples including Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Santana, Hector Mendex, Fausto Sanchez, David Melendez, Rene Troche, Guido Urzua, Georges Jean-Bart, Victor Santiago, Kwong Young, Juan Goyco and Boris Perkic. And much more.
Very Good - $98 buy now
Good - $85 buy now
Fair (All Good, but cover is loose from staples and mostly split at spine) - $55 buy now
Fair (Generally Very Good, but cover is split at spine and loose and has some edge roughness) - $45 buy now

Life Magazine Winter 1975Life Magazine Winter 1975 : Special Issue - The 1974 year in pictures.

The sweep of 1974 Henry Aaron hits 715th home run. Patty Hearst joins the SLA. Betty Ford and breast cancer. Alexander Solzhenitsyn is exiled. Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman in Zaire. Turnover at the top – 27 new world leaders. Photo of Hank Aaron at bat, baseball. Once more in the buff – streaking comes back, Michael O’Brien and many others. Boxing match in Zaire, Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. 17 days in summer – Nixon resigns. New kings of oil : Sheikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Sabah of Kuwait. Charles Augustus Lindbergh dies. Americans who died in 1975. In the limelight – Philippe Petit, Lee Elder, Queen Elizabeth, Frank Sinatra, Linda Blair exorcist, Sylvester Stewart, Henry Kissinger, Brigitte Bardot in the buff, Army Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda, Tony Waldrop, Joseph Heller. Climbing the Pamirs – Americans and Russians climb Peak Lenin together, includes photos of climbers Christopher Wren, Molly Higgins, Gary Ullin. Neat double page color Texaco ad showing the part of the oil drilling platform that is underwater. President Ford offers amnesty to Viet Nam draft dodgers. Evel Knievel jumps the snake river canyon on his motorcycle with a parachute. Neat two page color photo of a festival in Bhutan. Streakers - including an enterprising streaker on crutches, Full page photo of Michael O'Brien, Naked parachuting, naked graduation participants, and other fun. More!
Fair (All Good, but cover split at spine and loose) - $42 buy now

Life Magazine 1975 Special ReportLife Magazine 1975 Special Report - 100 events that shaped America - Bicentennial issue.

1776 -1976. Lots of excellent old photos. The growth of the nation. The development of democracy. The life of the mind. The inventors. The shaping of everyday life. Charming photo of toddler being bathed in wash tub. Photo of the new World Trade Center towers. Upton Sinclair's expose of the Chicago slaughterhouses. The new credit, buy now and pay later. Photo of baseball player in a crown, plus interesting short text section. Neat full page color Welch's grape juice ad - copy from 1925. Coast to coast radio in 1924. And much, much more!
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Life Magazine Winter 1976Life Magazine Winter 1976 : Special Issue - The 1975 year in pictures.

Mayaguez incident in Indochina. Jaws in the movie theater. Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft dock. Uncovers of horrors from the CIA – secret CIA plans. S neat two page color photo of Mayor Abraham Beame on the Brooklyn Bridge. Astronauts from Russia and the USA meet in space. The end in Vietnam - USA pulls out and communists come in - a big article. Bloody strife in Angola. Kidnappings around the world, including Giuseppe di Gennaro, Robert Stebbins and many others. Aristotle Socrates Onassis dies, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The great baseball game, Cincinnati and Boston in World Series. Which girl is Patty Hearst? Gerald Ford family photo album. Squeaky Fromme points her gun. 1975 obituaries. Foolish Pleasure fillies last photos. Russian dancers – Baryshnikov, Gelsey. Very neat photo of last log floating drive, Wyman dam near Bingham, Maine, Leonard "Buster Violette.
Good - $85 buy now

Life Magazine 1976 Special ReportLife Magazine 1976 Special Report - Remarkable American Women.

Abigail Adams, Pearl Buck, Jennie Jerome Churchill, Amelia Earhart, Lilian Gilbreth Phoebe Hearst, Julia Ward Howe, Janis Joplin, Anne Morrow Linbergh, Clare Boothe Luce, Lucretia Mott, Mother Seton, Baby Doe Tabor, Wallis Simpson Windsor, Bella Abzug, Olive Ann Beech, Nellie Bly, Sarah Caldwell, Katharine Graham , Barbara Jordan, Mary Wells Lawrence, Tillie Lewis, Belva Lockwood, Rebecca Lukens, Julia Morgan, Anne Smith Pack, Frances Perkins, Jeannette Piccard, Lydia E. Pinkham, Helena Rubinstein, Dorothy Thompson, Barbara Walters, Ma Barker, Lizzie Borden, Calamity Jane, Cassie Chadwick, Hetty Green, Texas Guinan, Aimee Semple McPherson, Carry Nation, Evelyn Nesbit, Peggy O;Neale, Mammy Pleasant, Joan Baez, Mary McLeod Bethune, Angela Davis, Dorothy Day, Dorothea Dix, Mary Baker Eddy, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Emma Goldman, Dolores Huera, Mothers Jones, Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, Lottie Moon, Anges Smedley, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ida Tarbell, Harriet Tubman, Sarah Winnemucca, Frances Wright, Mary Cassat, Willa Cather, Imogen Cunningham, Emily Dickenson, Isadora Duncan, Helen Frankenthaler, Martha Graham, Lillian Hellman, Helen Hokinson, Harriet Hosmer, Dorothea Lange, Rosina Levinne, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Harriet Monroe, Marianne Moore, Grandma Moses, Louise Nvelson, Georgia O'keeffe, Leontyne Price, Gertrude Steing, Twyla Tharp, Edith Wharton, Mary Lou Williams, Tenley Albright, Gertrude Ederle, Billie Jean King, Andrea mead Lawrence, Wilma Rudolph, Eleonora Sears, Helen Wills, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Ruth Benedict, Racel Carson, Margaret Fuller, Alice Hamilton, Edith Hamilton, Grace Hopper, Karen Horney, Jane Jacobs, Maria Geoppert Mayer, Margaret Mead, Ayn Rand, Florence Sabin, Ellen Semple, Helen Taussig, Chien-Shiung Wu, Louisa may Alcott, Caroline Astor, Catharine Beecher, Irene Castle, Edna Woolman Chase, Julia Child, Joan Ganz Cooney, Elsie de Wolfe, Fannie Farmer, Sarah Hale, Mary Margaret McBride, Claire McCardell, Dolley Madison, Irna Phillips, Emily Post, Madame CJ Walker, Maude Adams, Josepehine Baker, Lucille Ball, Ethel Barrymore, Lotta Crabtree, Hallie Flanagan Davis, Collen Dewhurst, Judy Garland, Helen Hayes, Katharine Hepburn, Adah Isaace Menken, Marily Monroe, Mary Pickford, Lillian Russell, Bessie Smith, Barbara Streisand, Shirley Temple, Mae West, Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Blackwell, Tennessee Claflin, Abigail Scott Duniway, Betty Freidan, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Juliette Gordon Low, Mary Lyon, Ellen Swallow Richards, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gloria Steinem, Lucy Stone, Frances Willard, Victoria Woodhull, Alica Paul, Jane Addams, Marian Anderson, Clara Barton, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt.
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Life Magazine Winter 1977 : The 1976 Year in pictures - Special Report.

Jimmy Carter's winning night, lots of candid photos. Mao, the great Helmsman dies, leader of China. Terrible toll of earthquakes, photo from Turkey of a family recovering a dead child and China of troops marching with shovels. Views from Mars via the Viking landers. Lebanon, an uneasy truce, with a gruesome page and a half photo of street fighters. The great Entebbe raid, rescue of hijacked plane passengers in Uganda. Southern Africa in the crossfire. A sad day in Boston for Old Glory, this is a large photo of an Irish-American attacking a black man with an American flag on a pole. The rare beauty of tall ships, includes Libertad, Christian Radich, and Juan Sebastian de Elcano. Americans sweep the Nobel prizes, Baruch Blumberg, Saul Bellow, Milton Friedman, William Lipscomb, Samuel Ting, Burton Richter, Carleton Gajdusek. Legionnaires' disease. The Olympics, including Nadia Comaneci. Heist of the year, the Nice bank robbery. Karen Kelly at West Point. Rahima Banu of Bangladesh is the last known person on earth to suffer from smallpox, variola major. Large photo of Christo Javacheff's Running Fence in California. Life's photo contest of the Fourth of July. Small photo pertaining to the great rescue of Margaret Fuller after she fell overboard from the Windsor Castle liner. Great two page candid wedding photo of Liz Bailey and Barry Schlecht. Two page color photo of World War I reenactors in a parade in San Francisco for bicentenial. Way cool photo of parachutists and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
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Life Magazine Fall 1977Life Magazine Fall 1977 : Special Report - The New Youth. Cover - Rochelle Law of UCLA's rugby team.

The energy of youth. Who's who at Colorado - a campus directory. The students speak for themselves. Not everyone needs college. Crime and the young. Images of youth past. Contents of a time capsule for 1997. College suicide. A young man who chose a small-town life. Members of a wedding and their view of marriage. Rough and ready sports that women play. The class of 1984. Among the many young people featured are student Susan Wilson; soldiers Paul Smith, John Wardell, John Moser, Todd Currie, and Tommy Brooker. Topless Nalani Heen and the new sport of windsurfing, boardsailing. Evangelist A. B. Scragg. Student John Aristotle Phillips - wrote a report on how to build a cheap atomic bomb. Whale researcher Scott Kraus. Cheerleader Rosanna DiGiallonardo. Honors student Daniel Smith. University of Colorado students : Saundra Carmical, Elizabeth Fox, Nader Ghadimi-Navai, Mike Siegel, David Grimm, Steve Stroud, Stephan Hienzsch (skier), Karen Chiles, Peter Greene (Mr. Gay Colorado), Bill Suggs, Joni Ginsberg, Leslie Wallace, Louis Lucero, Joanne Palmer, John Olney, many others. Much more too. This is a wonderful issue for remembering all the quirky 70's styles!
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Life Magazine Winter 1978 : The 1977 Year in Pictures.

The courage of Anwar Sadat, Egypt, Israel. The sweep of 1977, Bert Lance. An intimate Jimmy Carter album (large piece). Jubilee for a queen, Queen Elizabeth. A flight into terror, terrorists in Germany, hijacked plane, Jurgen Schumann pilot, Arab leader Mah,oud, Somalia, Lufthansa, kipnap victim Hanns-Martin Schleyer, and more. Uproar over the Big Ditch, Panama Canal. New style in scholars at Oxford, Caroline Alexander, Nancy coiner, Daryl Koehn, Denise Thal, Mary Norton, Diane Coutu. The fight for human rights, Amnesty International. The lives and styles of Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby. Very very funny photo of cringing soccer players from the German team Schalke 04. Roots author Alex Haley visits Gambia, village of Juffure, Kinta Kinte. The worst air crash, Tenerife in Canary Islands, two 747 jumbo jets, KLM and Pan Am airlines. Margaret Trudeau splits from Pierre Trudeau. Gary Gilmore wants to die, murderer. Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees baseball player. Neat photo of George Willig climbing the 1,350 foot high South Tower of the World Trade Center. Photo of Freddie Laker with a line of flight attendants, Laker Airways. Much more.
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Life Magazine October 1978Life Magazine October 1978 : Cover – Hot Air balloons.

‘Godfather’ Puzo’s new Novel. ‘The Wiz’ – the most expensive musical ever. Family reunion photos, includes Rinehart family, Gianninis family, Yee family, Sutherland family, Benson family. Shah of Iran vacations on the Caspian Sea. Great hot air ballooning photo gallery. New treatments for Clinton (Clintie) Preston, brain damage after drowning. The golden road to a grand new Oz, new Wizard of Oz movie. Fools Die – excerpt chapter from Mario Puzo, illustrations by Michael Doret. Roy Halston fashion designer. Cold Splendor of Antarctica – photos by Eliot Porter. Frisbee dogs including Dink, Ashley, more, photos. Brooke Shields at 13, neat photo of her with lookalike friend Lisanne Falk.. Three photos of George Story across the years, 1936, 1961, 1978. Full page color Polaroid Sonar OneStep camera with drum majorette. Photos of US diplomats playing funny games (literally funny) with geishas. Full page color Lord Calvert Canadian whisky ad with silhouette of rock climber rapelling. Many small photos of Jackie Onassis taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Two page color Canadian Club whisky ad peratining to the Lost Dutchman gold mine. How writing began. Good scouts, veteran boy scouts, a page of photos of famous scouts. Pope Paul VI (1963-1978.
Excellent - $35 buy now
Very Good - $23 buy now
Good - $13 buy now

Life Magazine November 1978Life Magazine November 1978 : Cover – Mickey Mouse is laughing.

Hans Wendt photographs crashing airliner Southwest Airways 737. Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe portrait of a young woman. Israel’s sacrifice in the Sinai. Panda in the US. America runs and skates and dances for joy with Bucky Cox. The delirium of disco by Albert Goldman. Microphotographs of teeth and bacteria, Wilbur & Orville and 75 years of flight – great photos of early aviation. Hang-glider Bob Calvert. Three black fashion designers – Stephen Burrows, Willi Smith, Scott Barrie. Giraffes photo gallery. Mickey Mouse and the history of animation. Temple of Dendur. Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. First year engineering students at University of Ottawa.
Fair (All Good, but cover is missing lower right corner) - $18 buy now

Life Magazine December 1978Life Magazine December 1978 : Cover - Prince Charles in His Welsh Guards Uniform.

Full page color AJD cap Company ad with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, 7 of these sexy women. Full page movie poster ad for "Moment by Moment" with Lily Tomlin and John Travolta. The Osmond Show Biz empire. The great photographs of W. Eugene Smith. An ocean rescue for desperate Vietnamese "boat people." Mystery of the Holy Shroud. Full page color Brut fragrance ad with Vitas Gerulaitis with a very dated-looking long hair style. Tall test for the space shuttle. Unpublished pictures of Nikita, Leonid and company from the Kremlin. Yellowstone river in crisis. Glittering indoor park for Niagara falls, the Winter Garden, a building almost entirely of glass. Milan, Italy's fashion center now rivals Paris. Neat full page color Honda ad with 4 different motorcycles or minibikes, a three-wheelers, and two scooter type bikes. Wildfires in California. Students pull down statue of Shah of Iran. Beautiful Victorian era paintings of Christ. Last portrait of Norman Rockwell. Photos of Prince Charles in all his different official uniforms. A charming wrap-up to the year - full page color photo of Miss Piggy kissing Kermit the Frog.
Excellent - $42 buy now
Good - $18 buy now
Fair (All Good, but has very mild cover wear / soil) - $10 buy now

Life Magazine January 1979Life Magazine January 1979 : Cover – Shar-Pei dog.

Dogs you’ve never seen before. Full page color Grand Marnier liqueur ad with excellent rugged mountain view, Dhaulagri, 7th highest mountain in Nepal, see bottom of this page. Gambling comes east. Hot tubs are hot stuff! - with many different tubs and people, great photos, creative tubs. Earthquake threat in California. Puns in photographs, photographic puns from the book Punography by Bruce McMillan. Sasha Bruce and the mystery of Staunton Hill. Happiness is a hot tub with Margaux Hemingway, a pretty revealing photo, too. Big time gambling in Atlantic City. Full page color fashion ad for Tracy! clothing, lovely glittery dresses. Full page color movie poster ad for Lord of the Rings. The torment of dyslexia by Eileen Simpson. New York Ballet with choreographer George Balanchine. Fashionable hats. The San Andreas Fault, GREAT aerial photos. Super two page color sailing photo, Hobie Cat sailboat. Nice full page photo of Billie Jean King and Chris Evert after a winning doubles tennis match. Frank Sinatra and his stage door Johnnies. Jim Jones and Guyana, photo of the dead sprawled in a village, Peoples Temple.
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Life Magazine February 1979Life Magazine February 1979 : Cover – lingerie by Arthur Elgort.

Exclusive pictures of Nixon coming out of exile. U.S. Air Power – the jet fist. An epidemic of draculas. US strikes from the air – includes E2C Hawkeye, FB-111, Cruise Missile, SR-71 Blackbird, F-18 Hornet airplanes. Richard Nixon's cautious return from exile. Full page color McDonald's ad for the Big Mac sandwich. Neat full page color Le Car (Renault) ad with dog sled team. Shopping on Rodeo Drive. Deaf child actor – Jeff Bravin. Secretariat's offspring, race horse. Postage stamp collage art. William F Buckley on murderer Edgar Smith. Famous photos on auction. Fashion - lingerie for public. Uproar over public land in Alaska, Eskimos, more. Big two page color photo of serial killer John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown, Norwood Park, Illinois - a horrible pairing. Dracula actors – Klaus Kinski, Frank Langella, George Hamilton, Jeremy Brett, Louis Jourdan. A guerrilla war in Afghanistan. Photo of the scene that ended the career of football coach Woody Hayes, Ohio State.
Very Good - $28 buy now
Fair (Generally Very Good, but has an address label scar) - $12 buy now

Life Magazine March 1979Life Magazine March 1979 : Cover - Lesley-Anne Down.

Art Heists, they're stealing the pictures off the walls. U.S. Olympic hope, gymnast Kurt Thomas. Mexican Oil, so much, so close, so hard to come by. Hair - makes a shaggy and spirited comeback. The Boston waterfront rejuvenated. The Carnegie commission honors America's unsung heroes. Changing image of the wolf, controversy in Minnesota - Cuddles visits Roosevelt School in Chisholm with Jim Brandenburg. Journey into the eye. A picture tour of the desks of world leaders. Wonderful winter for Dutch Skaters, photographs by Co Rentmeester. A Memorial tribute to daughter Anne Frank who would have been 50, by Otto Frank. The end of a hijacking by Irene McKinney, with photos of Walter Yoos by Iris Schneider. Ayatollah Khomeini takes over in Iran. Brian Mowrey, Michelle Smith and George Jakopac of Sykesville, Pennsylvania collect a million flip-tops for a class project for teacher Betty Bigney.
Excellent - $42 buy now
Good - $18 buy now

Life Magazine April 1979Life Magazine April 1979 : Cover - Solar eclipse.

The Eclipse. Young tycoons who make Hollywood run. How the Israelis hit the PLO's top terrorist. Full page color McDonald's ad for filet-o-fish sandwich. Two page color Merit cigarettes ad with lots of personal (named) comments about how good they are. The power of Islam draws millions of Pilgrims to Mecca. A brain surgeon removes a deadly tumor, from a book by Lawrence Shainberg. Big oil tankers, are they too big? Graceful magic of art in glass. Sally Field's career takes off in a major film, Norma Rae. Chi Omega Sorority girls at the University of Arkansas, with lots of photos including Dave Greene and Judy Rogers freshly pinned. Upheaval in Rhodesia continues. Tito's photos, Yugoslavia's leader loves taking pictures. The exuberant kookiness of Perry Elis, new clothes for spring. Full page color U.S. Postal Service ad with Willis Reed, basketball player. The story behind the violent death of a Palestinian terrorist, Ali Hassan Salameh.
Excellent - $42 buy now
Good - $18 buy now

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Life Magazine May 1979Life Magazine May 1979 : Cover - cooling towers at Three Mile Island.

Judgment day for nuclear power : Is public confidence gone forever? Are the newest plants safe to open? Can the problem of toxic wastes be solved? Views of Jupiter from Voyager. Ten women photographers commemorate Mother's day. William Manchester returns to his Pacific battlefield. In her new movie, Audrey Hepburn wears clothes by Givenchy. The Boston Symphony is a smash in China. Crossing the Sahara on a skateboard with a sail, like a rolling windsurfer - Arnaud de Rosnay. Culinary Institute of America. Anatomy of a stroke. The bathrooms of the Benjamin Sonnenberg mansion. Miki's triumph over autism. The Gharial crocodile. Launching of Ohio, first Trident nuclear submarine. New star, 6 year-old Sara Stimson. Amazing crash photo of jockey Tom McGivern and his horse Collen Rhu. Very cute photo of Angela Lansbury at Mrs. Lovett.
Very Good - $23 buy now
Good - $13 buy now

Life Magazine June 1979Life Magazine June 1979 : Cover - Marlon Brando in "Apocalypse Now."

Francis Coppola's long-awaited movie about Vietnam. Scariest roller coaster rides. Those unforgettable high school years - 4 years in Rossville, Kansas, includes photos of Todd Raine, Nancy Sumner, band bass drummer, Barbara Millar, George Dolezilek, Gerry Dolezilek, Jim Larson, Andy Burdett, Angela Marney, Rhonda Hesse and more. Young Palestinians take lessons in terrorism. Al Haig quits NATO and talks like a politician. 100 years of treasures at Woolworth's. Spring fashions drive Paris mad. Portrait - Joseph Heller. Quest for the Kob - a Sudan tribe pursues a primordial beast. A cruel inheritance, Jolly K's struggle to end child abuse. Skylab is falling, the 77-ton space station is about to plunge. Final curtain for the rehearsal club, including great color photos of Anita Phillips, Donna Wischerth, Deirdre Rainey, Patricia Angelin and more. Great photo of line at gas pumps. Photo of Dianne Wicksaw after shooting at Fiesta San Antonio. Flo, the 100 foot inflatable whale. Squirt Gun Guru Maharaj Ji.
Good - $25 buy now
Fair (All Good, but has some roughness along spine) - $12 buy now

Life Magazine July 1979Life Magazine July 1979 : Cover - Whale fluke.

Will we kill the last whale? Inside report on a new weapon against cancer, interferon. 12 astronauts who walked on the moon - where on earth are they now? Rare pictures from Life's first decade. Portrait - Mariel Hemingway. Silver Anniversary for the Iron Butterfly, Imelda Marcos. The subway complex underneath New York City's Times Square is a home for thieves and derelicts, the Forty-Deuce train, 42nd street. Flea Markets. In northern Afghanistan, archaeologists unearth a tomb with 2,000 year-old skeletons and a hoard of treasures. Rising young stars of women's tennis, Andrea Jaeger, Kathleen Horvath, Carol Heynen, Beverly Anne Bowes, Susan Mascarin, Lori Kosten, Andrea Leand. Moscow is preparing for Olympics. James Bond 007 in Venice in new movie Moonraker. Two page photo of a DC-10 airplane just before it crashed at Chicago O'Hare airport. Two page photo of cojoined twins, Siamese twins Lisa and Elisa Hansen. Full page photo of Glenn Dodgion who has just shot his wife Florence Dodgion.
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Life Magazine August 1979Life Magazine August 1979 : Cover - Microsurgeon Dr. Daniel Baker.

Shocking pictures from the Big House, a prison that prisoners run, Walla Walla. Miracles of microsurgery, sewing people back together, including photos of Ralph Rfeiffer, Dr. Berish Strauch, Renee Katz, Michael Mullick. Portrait - Ted Kennedy. Dancer Alicia Alonso is Cuba's triumphant export. An ancient clay army is brought to light in China. Speed Skaters Eric Heiden and Beth Heiden head for the Olympics. Backstairs at Blair House, Washington residence. Komondor dog guarding sheep, Shar Planinetz, Maremma dogs. The equator, extremes of weather and terrain. Veteran and rookie rock climbers scale the sheer cliffs of Colorado, Kevin Donald, Jim Collins, Eldorado, Jim Erickson, Steve Komito, Longs Peak the diamond, Molly Higgins, Jim Logan, Charlie Fowler, more. Upcoming actress Lisa Eichhorn. Kidnap victim William F. Niehous comes home. KKK Ku Klux Klan Youth Corps camp for children near Birmingham - really!
Excellent - $35 buy now
Good - $15 buy now
Fair (Generally Very Good, but has very mild spine end water mark) - $10 buy now
Fair (All Good, but has mild edge rippling) - $10 buy now

Life Magazine September 1979Life Magazine September 1979 : Cover - Pope John Paul II.

The Pope is coming our way. For Asian refugees, an island of hope, Pulau Bidong - 35,000 Vietnamese refugees wait for new homelands. What we'll use instead of oil - alternative energy sources. America's waterslides, amusement parks. Evita hits Broadway with Patti LuPone. Portrait - Nancy Lopez. Biologists transplant the endangered Kemp's Ridley from Mexico to Texas. Museum of Modern Art is 50 - looks back at triumphs and some near misses. The 3,000 club - the most exclusive brother hood in baseball. The New Rock - with upstarts like Blondie, Devo and the Talking Heads. The Dalai Lama emerges from his 20-year retreat. The sweater girl is back. Gruesome photo of Carmine Galante and Leonardo Coppola, mobsters killed at Carmine's retirement party. Oil spill fire at IxtocI, Mexico.
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Life Magazine October 1979Life Magazine October 1979 : Cover - Dolly Parton in a cute blouse with a pink flamingo.

For Music's top stars, home is a fancy bus, including Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, group Cameo, Tammy Wynette, Don Williams, Oak Ridge Boys. Two page color "Birds and Flowers of the Orient" decorative plates by Naoka Nobata. Cool full page color Casio FX-80 calculator ad with guy who fits the calculator. The case of the clumsy spies, the Falcon and the Snowman. Republicans rush for the presidency. The pick of the new crop of campus athletes - great color photos of Ralph Sampson (baseball), a very young John Elway (football), Tim Worstell (lacrosse), Jill Sterkel (swimmer), Jeff Kerber (wrestling), Jackie Campbell (hockey), Anne Donovan (basketball), Cheryl Johnston (volleyball). Vietnam portraits - the pain of survival, James Farley, Donna Hamilton, Harrison Bell, Tom Cole (see original story on Bell and Cole in LIFE February 11, 1966), Jeremiah Purdie, Vernon Wike, Cruz Acuna. Sculptor Dale Eldred's solar refractions in Kansas City. The fine art of Japanese cuisine invades the US in a delicate tide. Portrait - Alan Alda, includes a great full page candid photo of him laughing. A visit to John Connally's ranch in Floresville, Texas. A poisoned town, dioxin from Vertac factory in Jacksonville, Arkansas, includes photos of James Mayhair and wife Diane Mayhair, and more. Robert Vavra's photos of horse body language. Robert Redford as the Electric Horseman.
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Life Magazine November 1979Life Magazine November 1979 : Cover - Ted Kennedy.

Carter and Kennedy head for a showdown. Solzhenitsyn's account of his flight from Russia. Gold Frenzy. Racy ski clothes for slopes and sidelines. The otherworldly splendor of old Tibetan ceremonies. New York's St. John the Divine church is rising again. The Barbie Doll turns 21. Jane Fonda's road show. The MX shell game - moving nuclear missiles around. Yasser Arafat. Doris Mager of Florida Audubon Society in abandoned eagle nest - publicizing plight of Bald Eagles. Sandy List, nurse and doctor - includes photos of Ethel Revis, Mark Dockery, Kae Wilson, Skye Streppa, Tammy Fleming, Zipporah Rice, and more - Madison county, North Carolina. Full page color Catto's whisky ad with Art Murphy. Sylvie Geneste on a ledge at the University of Paris. Kayaker performing a somersault in contest on the Reuss River.
Excellent - $42 buy now

Life Magazine December 1Life Magazine December 1979 : Special Issue, the decade 1970's in pictures.

The Bicentennial, July 4, 1976. Full page color Chaz cologne ad with Tom Selleck. Grief for the fallen at Kent State. Full page color Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress ad with Susan Anton. Watergate and Nixon. Reverend Jim Jones, 914 followed died in Guyana. T-shirt slogans. Words used in coversations in the 1970s. Homosexual solidarity in San Francisco following shooting death of Harvey Milk and George Moscone. Full page color Michelob beer ad with skiing theme. Saudi Arabia - oil made the Bedouin king. The Sexed-up, doped-up, hedonistic heaven of the Boom-Boom 70's. Favorites - boxer Muhammad Ali, Cheryl Tiegs, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, football player O. J. Simpson, Farrah Fawcett, Dolly Parton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Spitz, Olga Korbut, Steve Cauthen, race horse Secretariat, and more. World's biggest women's protest marches. Two page color Suzuki motorcycle ad features many different children's motorcycles. Three Mile Island. Christo's Running Fence art, Christo Javacheff. Humorous photo of Michael Angelow streaking at a cricket match. Much, much more.
Excellent - $78 buy now
Fair (Generally Good, but front cover is rumpled with a taped tear and back margins nicked) - $18 buy now