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See also Life Magazine Spring-Summer 1985 for WWII content and remembrances.

Life  Magazine January 4, 1943Life Magazine January 4, 1943 : Cover - Jimmy Byrnes - assistant President.

New York girls have mass debut. Nice full page color Wine Advisory Board ad with charming family at hearth. Bernard Baruch donates one million to war relief. US pilots save flying fortress in New Guinea. Lena Horne. Paul Sample paints patrol and carrier planes, including PBM, PBY, Vought-Sikorsky (SB2U), air craft carrier, crews, and more. Women warriors throughout history. Neat photo of Russians in white winter camouflage with mine detectors. Photo essay - wood. Close-up - James F. Byrnes. Old fashioned warfare in New Guinea. Washington in wartime. Raising rabbits for meat is patriotic hobby. US Army issues booklet to warn soldiers against snakes and insects. Life goes to a slumber party, Indianapolis D.A.M.S.E.L. club. Very funny photo of cow with large barrel stuck on her head, Florence Ward from Waterloo, Iowa. Cute half page Barbasol shaving crème ad with color by Campbell. Very nice full page color Cannon Towels ad inside front cover with a woman with green hair ribbon. Cute full page Listerine ad with sailors and signal flags.
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Fair (All Good, but cover is rubbed) - $10 buy now

Life  Magazine January 11, 1943Life Magazine January 11, 1943 : Cover - Kids' uniforms, Shelia Butler and William Dunn.

Very nice two page Sparton radios ad pertaining to metal recycling with a little boy bringing his model railroad set. OPA puts canned foods on ration list. USS Peto, first submarine built on Great Lakes, begins trip down Mississippi. British release first wartime picture of Gibraltar. US war locomotives reach Britain. Women's ROTC - New Hampshire coeds toughen up for war, University of New Hampshire in Durham. Nice full page Ballantine's Ale ad with people looking at drawing of very futuristic car. Moscow Today by Walter Graebner. Photo essay - Hospital ship "Red Rover." A typical day in the life of Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr. Movie - Commandos strike at dawn. US troops in North Africa are coached in native etiquette. How to prepare variety meats - war living. Those London taxis. Pirie MacDonald's famous portraits. A concert in the Libyan desert. Cute half page Blatz beer ad with color with lady skier. Patriotic full page Kalamazoo stoves and furnaces ad. Nice full page color Palmolive soap ad. Nice full page color Model smoking tobacco ad. Cute full page color Paul Jones whisky ad with camel on snowshoes and dog sled.
Good - $20 buy now
Fair (All Good, but spine of cover only is rough) - $10 buy now

Life Magazine  January 18, 1943Life Magazine January 18, 1943 : Cover - "Cover Girl" Rita Hayworth with Rootbeer float (?).

Nice full page Pepperell cloth manufacturing company with patriotic theme. War congress opens in guarded capitol. Interesting full page color General Motors ad with water purification unit in the jungle, nice art. Old photograph shows war hero as small boy having splinter removed, Thomas Gatch. American form US fifth army in Tunisian stalemate. Evalyn Walsh McLean entertains bigwigs and servicemen at Washington party. Ice storm coats New England. FBI releases photos of end of Touhy gang. US snubs China's Army mission. Close-up - Zero Mostel. Photo essay - Rita Hayworth acts as a model, includes Elaine Bacon, Cecilia Meagher, Susann Shaw, Suzi Brewster, Francine Counihan, Betty Jane Graham, Dusty Anderson, Rosemay Robson, and Helen Mueller. "Suzy-Q" Fightingest Flying Fortress. Blimps patrol US coast. Route of a Vermont rural mailman, Mark Whalon around East Dorset. Full page color Camels ad with skiers in winter camouflage, 10th Mountain Division with Dick Durrance. Full page color I.W. Harper whiskey ad inside back cover with skiing theme. Very cute full page Good Luck margarine ad. Nice full page color Bendix aviation ad with airplanes and Stromberg Injection carburetor. Full page color I. W. Harper Whiskey ad with skiing theme.
Good - $25 buy now

Life Magazine January  25, 1943Life Magazine January 25, 1943 : Cover - Eddie Rickenbacker.

Captain Rickenbacker tells his own story (Pacific Mission, Part I). Patriotic full page color Nash Kelvinator ad "Blades of Wrath." Tempo of South Pacific air battles increases. Roll of Honor pages including Robert L. Eichelberger, and the very sad story of the FIVE sons of Thomas F. Sullivan of Waterloo, Iowa, Boyd "Buzz" Wagner. Sinking of USS Hornet. English women supply RAF with hand-sewn model landscapes. Photo essay - Farming for war. Combat zone errors - army. Medical corps applies latest techniques of anesthesia. Dressed-up sweaters. War brings boom to night-club soothsayers. Marion Anderson sings in Constitution Hall. Liberty Ship Christenings - pictures. How a soldier faces fear. Lunch with servicemen in New York at Hotel Edison's canteen. Nice full page color Curtiss Candy Company ad with Uncle Sam placing a rush order. Neat full page color Camel cigarette ad on back cover with men from all branches of the Armed Forces. Full page color Canadian Club whisky ad featuring Felix Leser and his Howling Dog Farms (dog sledding). Nice full page color Lockheed Aircraft ad with Lightning plane. Amazing two page color Dextrose sugar ad with baby.
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Good - $45 buy now

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Life Magazine February  1, 1943Life Magazine February 1, 1943 : Cover - Date in Casablanca, Jim and Nikki (there is a whole series of photos, but last names are not given.

A 2Neat customer informs me that Nikki is Nicole Bungener.). Nice full page color Bell aircraft ad with Airacobra. Guadalcanal - the Battle of Grassy Knoll. Iowa inaugurates new governor Bourke B. Hickenlooper. Carole Landis breaks USO tour to marry Air Force captain. The cases of Ed Flynn and Errol Flynn. Pacific Mission, Part II by Eddie Rickenbacker. The Australian way of life. Photo essay - Aberdeen is Army's largest proving grounds, including women Ruby Barnett, Viola Testerman, and Nealie Bare. Photo essay - New York dimout. Movie - Hitler's children. Women take examinations for war job aptitudes. The fall of France by General Giraud. Life makes apologies to Indiana University for November 23, 1942 issue. Chilling full page Magazine Publishers of America ad with dead soldier - What did you to today for freedom? Today, at the front, he died. Funny, but also horrible pictures of little Roy Dean Winchester getting a cat out of a tree. Very cute full page color Ballantine's ale ad with Mother mixing by hand. Nice full page color Parker Quink ad (ink) with two rosy women.
Very Good - $30 buy now
- $20 buy now
Fair (Generally Very Good, but has very minor cover soil.) - $14 buy now
Fair (All Good, nice, but a few pages have minor edge roughness.) - $10 buy now

Life Magazine February 8, 1943Life Magazine February 8, 1943 : Cover - Robert J. Boyd, plane spotter at Kent, Connecticut.

Charming full page color Forstmann woolen company ad with little Chinese girl collecting aid money. Neat full page Armour ad with soldier in uniform "No soldier in the world gets better care ..." Charming half page Vimms ad with man and woman ice skating - vitamins and minerals. Full page Heinz Condiments ad that is all about the Peter Lindler family of Euclid, Ohio - lots of photos! Red Cross entertains servicemen in England - photo essay, including photos of Gladys Martin, Henrine Ward, Magnolia Latimer, Mary Alice Sturdevant, Lillian Tifft, Patricia Hartnett and others. . President Roosevelt in North Africa. Heavy storm shuts Seattle war plants. Nice full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Patricia Garner, airport ground crew staff. Libya is overrun. Movie "Air Force." Coffee piles up in Brazil for lack of US ships. Pacific mission part III by Rickenbacker. Marjorie Lawrence. Sweden's Gunder Hagg is track star of a century. Otto Fischer paints the war of the frigid North Atlantic. Roseland Ballroom-Cafe in New York City, numerous photos of dancers, sleeveless gowns forbidden. Patriotic full page color Grace Line, American Merchant Marine ad with V for Victory. Cute photo of tiny Ann Carolyn Turner (Van Buren, Arkansas) in the pocket of her Daddy's coat as he goes hunting. Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with manly U.S. Maine Raiders.
Very Good - $30 buy now
- $20 buy now

Life Magazine February 15, 1943Life Magazine February 15, 1943 : Cover - Princess Elizabeth.

Full page color Willys Tucks and Jeeps ad with winter war jeep scene. Chilling full page color American Locomotive ad showing what might happen if the war is lost - Nazis honoring YOUR daughter with selection for the breeding program. Battle of Buna - thirteen pages of war pictures including Herman Bottcher, Wally Wakeman, Maggot beach, lots of dead bodies. Photo essay - US Army Signal Corps. Malta wins the siege. Tallulah Bankhead. Army Daily "Stars and Stripes" shares quarters with London "Times." Peter Hurd paints US airmen, including in color W.W. Foster, Fred W. Dallas, Harold Spire, Mike Zuk, Thomas Borders, Frank McCarter, and Garl E. Schultz. Cecil Beaton photographs British Princesses. Boomtown's new buying habits. Pictures - Pin-up girls. Close-up on Bob Hope with some super photos. Wonderful full page color Milky way chocolate bar ad with sailor and little boy. A Honeymoon with Marine air ace and bride, Marion Carl and Edna Kirvin. Cute full page color Schenley Royal Reserve ad with men carrying a wood or coal stove into a house - House Warming party.
Very Good - $45 buy now

Life Magazine February  22, 1943Life Magazine February 22, 1943 : Cover - Army air observer, Carl D. Schubach of Zanesville, Ohio.

Full page movie poster ad for "The Pride of the Yankees" (the life of Lou Gehrig, baseball) starring Gary Cooper. Friendless Australian sailor receives last rites in New York church, George Coles. Mighty German army wallows in defeat. American planes bomb Jap bases. Truman committee exposes $23,000,000 shipyard mess, Savannah, Georgia. British photograph Nazi airfield in process of destruction. Madame Chiang Kai-shek of China returns to the American people. US soldiers take short course at Oxford. Neat full page Packard engines ad with de Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber airplane ad and PT boat. Women in Lifeboats - article by Margaret Bourke-White. Photo essay - Booty at Buna. Close-up - William Jeffers. The Fabulous Fields write hit Broadway comedies. Medicine - Stader Splint. Photo reconnaissance. US High Command plans strategy in map-filled sanctum. Aprons. Cheryl Walker stars in "Stage Door Canteen." Best Navy Photographs. A ladybug initiation, Council Bluffs, Iowa - VFW clubwomen. Full page color Camel cigarette ad on back cover with test pilot Red Hulse and new Curtiss Hell-diver bomber. Full page color Studebaker Flying Fortress airplane ad. Cute full page color Lifesavers ad.
Fair (Generally Very Good, but cover has a small peeled area at his exposed ear.) - $20 buy now

Life Magazine March  1, 1943Life Magazine March 1, 1943 : Cover - Bow Ties, Lucile Tennant and Cherry Hannan.

Very nice full page color Dr. West's toothbrush ad with lady machinist. Tunis bombing - Life photographer Margaret Bourke-White accompanies bombing mission. Norman Bel Geddes map shows where Rommel hit US Army's flank. Madame Chiang Kai-shek addresses House of Representatives. Detroit - six months after (a follow-up to August 7, 1942 story) showing war related things. India speaks to China - Pandit Nehru. Battleship Richelieu arrives in US to join United Nations. Guadalcanal diary by Richard Tregaskis. Photo essay - R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion world. Women wear bow ties with mannish suits. Aviation - Engineers test windshields by firing dead fowl at High speeds. Sportsmen and naturalists make fishing kit for castaways. Milton Caniff's cartoons for Army papers. Railroad signal tower at Hoffmans, New York, with photos of Nick Carter, and Herbert Wood. Cute full page Scot Tissue ad aimed at getting young girls to take over the house work so mothers can join war effort.
Very Good - $45 buy now
Good - $35 buy now

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Life Magazine March  8, 1943Life Magazine March 8, 1943 : Cover - General Brehon Burke Somervell.

Puerto Rico - Senate committee finds it an unsolvable problem. Martha Raye sings for Bomber crews in North Africa. Fierce full page color Nash Kelvinator ad with Mosquito airplane over burning industrial complex "Mosquito with a deadly sting!" Allies capture Tunisian town of Sened. Papuan native leads blinded Australian away from Buna front. Super full page color Bell Aircraft ad - Airacobra over military motorcycle with sidecar. Close-up - Somervell. A corporal on the job at Casablanca, Harry Hopkins and son Robert Hopkins. Photo essay - American Sunday. Veronica Lake puts up long hair at government request. Wartime gardening. Theater - the Patriots. Southern hoopskirt party for Air cadets, Riverview mansion near Columbus, Mississippi - photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Full page color Chesterfield cigarette ad on back cover - this looks very much like Rosie the Riveter. Photos of Mount Pavlof in Alaskan Peninsula putting on volcanic display. Nice full page green Quaker State motor oil ad with tanks. Cute vintage full page color Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ad. Very nice Full page color Dextrose sugar ad with children. Full page general "Balanced Diet" ad - cute soldier balancing food at fancy event.
Very Good - $34 buy now
Good - $24 buy now

Life Magazine March  15, 1943Life Magazine March 15, 1943 : Cover - WAVES, Navy Waves in training at Oklahoma A. & M, Stillwater.

Nice full page color Western Electric ad, colorful with anti-aircraft gun. Super nice full page color Fisher (General Motors) ad with General Sherman M-4 tank. Battle of Sened. First pictures of scuttling of French fleet at Toulon. Hero Barney Ross gets warm welcome home. Ack-Ack fire at Casablanca. Canton, Ohio, celebrates McKinley centennial. Close-up : Witch doctor. Article - West to Japan by John Field. Photo essay - WAACS and WAVES. British sailors take on Americans in friendly bouts in South Pacific. Versailles showgirls aspire to be Army pin-up girls. Chinese artist turns out masterpieces in eight minutes - Chang Shu-Chi. Gyroscope pilots ships and airplanes. Life calls on Mrs. Claire Lee Chennault at home in Water Proof, Louisiana. Neat full page color Coca-Cola ad on back cover with lady in red coat. Nice full page color Van Heusen shirts ad. Very nice full page color Texaco ad with woman riveting airplane fuselage. Yet another gorgeous full page color Bendix Aviation ad with air crew, plane and Eclipse starter.
Good - $32 buy now

Life Magazine March  22, 1943Life Magazine March 22, 1943 : Cover - Victor of Bismarck sea, George C. Kenney.

Nice full page color North American Aviation ad with B-25 Mitchell bomber and P-51 Mustang. OWI wages war of words. South African saboteur gives Nazi salute outside courtroom. Navy pictures show sinking of "President Coolidge." Negro farmers in Georgia vie for prizes. Volcano is born in Parangaricutiro, Michoacan, Mexico. House of John Pierpont Morgan Mourns its head. US victory in Bismarck seas. American makes airplanes in India. Close-up - Al Schmid, hero. Close-up - Jack and Heintz. Photo essay - Artist Tom Lea portrays officers of the USS Hornet - you will want to frame these : one page each for Apollo Aoucek, M.E.A. Gouin, Walter F. Rodee, W.J. Widhelm, A.C. Emerson, Donald Kirkpatrick, John McInerny. Army - Expedition to Mt. McKinley tests winter equipment - a very nice piece with lots of photos by Bradford Washburn. Betty Hutton, Jitterbug Girl. Dim-out anklets. Browsing in a secondhand shop, Mr. Reed's White Elephant Shop in Milford, New Hampshire. Super full page color Mobilgas ad featuring Jack Kelly.
Good - $50 buy now

Life  Magazine March 29, 1943Life Magazine March 29, 1943 : Cover - Joseph Stalin.

USSR special issue - almost everything is about Russia. All different aspects of Russian life, not just war-related topics. Interesting full page poster from Russia showing collaboration of Britain, US and Russia against the Nazis. Lend-lease to Russia. Ambassador Litvinoff. One-sixth of the earth. Collective farms feed the nation. The Peoples of Russia, including the Balkarians, Kazakhs, Turkmen, Ostiaks, Kirghiz, Tadzhiks, Kalmyks, Beludzhistanians, Saams, Jews, and many others. Another gruesome photo of a pile of corpses, this one in Russia. Life of a ballet performer, Marianne Bobulubskaya. Russians like athletics. Cartoons of Kukryniksy. Cute full page color Clicquot Club ad. Interesting full page color Farnsworth Television ad. Nice full page color Studebaker trucks ad inside front cover with Fairbanks Alaska Freight truck on Al-Can highway, art by Frederic Fellander.
Fair (All Good, nice, but back cover edge and spine end rough) - $14 buy now

Life Magazine April 5, 1943Life Magazine April 5, 1943 : Cover - Montgomery beret, skier Blanche Christian.

Nice full page color Armour and Co. ad about food for men in tanks. A nice manly full page General Electric ad with men in a submarine. US faces farm and food crisis, includes photos of Illinois Dairyman Olbrich (full page photo with his father and his son), Keith White (Lexington, Nebraska), John Weidler (Minneapolis) and others. Somewhat obscene photo - Germans mount 50 foot gun to guard English Channel coast. Worried followers gather in Poona as Gandhi survives fast. Army fighters take off for Front from Navy carrier. Natives build runway on Mt. Kenya to salvage RAF plane. Interesting full page Pullman railroad ad with military feet stepping onto Pullman step. Close-up - Irving Berlin. Tunis Expedition by Colonel Darryl Zanuck. Photo essay - Henry J. Kaiser empire. Theater - Harriet. Alan Ford breaks swimming record. Tom Lea paints the sinking of the "Wasp." Montgomery Beret. War living - How to relax. Alfred Stieglitz' photographs, including one of a lady's foot that looks hugely painful in a high-heeled shoe, Dorothy True. Life goes on a hayride, Susan Lillard near Westfield, New Jersey. Cute full page color A&P ad with actual Hot Cross Buns.
Good - $24 buy now
Fair (All Good, but lower cover edge is darkened in red strip) - $14 buy now
Fair (Generally Good, but cover has very light soil) - $14 buy now
Fair (Generally Good, but has faintly water marked edges) - $10 buy now

Life Magazine April 12, 1943Life Magazine April 12, 1943 : Cover - Jefferson memorial.

Close-up - Beardsley Rumi. Curious full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with HUGE railroad yard full of trains - what it takes to move a division. China air task force, includes neat photo of P-40's with teeth bared. Thomas Jefferson - photo essay. Hattie Carnegie designs LIFE's dress. Last photographs of Rachmaninoff. Life calls on Greer Garson. Spring offensives - Allied Air Force helps make them successful. Full page color Pennsylvania railroad ad. Theater - Kiss and Tell. President's Scottie, Fala, makes a movie. Neat full page color Florida Grapefruit Juice ad with pilots by John Falter. Nice full page movie poster for "My Friend Flicka" starring Roddy McDowall. Two page color Good Year Aircraft ad with Corsiar. Poignant photo of Baby Ann Hamilton Landess getting her father's medals after he was killed in action, Robert H. Landess of Milton, Massachusetts. Very nice full page color Forstmann Woolen Company ad inside front cover, appears to be wedding couple with unusual wedding outfit and military man. Unusual full page color Kodak ad with night scene of Vultee dive bomber the "Vengeance", airplane A-31. Cute photo sent in by A.H. Miller of Duluth showing 20 foot deep snow drift over house.
Good - $20 buy now
Fair (All Good, but cover is mildly rubbed) - $12 buy now

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Life Magazine April  19, 1943Life Magazine April 19, 1943 : Cover - John Hancock Spear and his bride Ester.

Nicest full page color Whitman's chocolates ad ever! Spain shows the fascist post-war world. Uniformed WAVES at New York style show gaze at Filmy nightie. New Chicago subway opens. Madame Chiang in Hollywood. Icy warships put into USSR ports as winter ends. Flying nurses aid US African campaign. Guadalcanal shores - aerial photographs show scars of battle. Close-up - General Spaatz. Photo essay - the human body. Gladys Rockmore Davis - artist. Starlet-swimmer Esther Williams. Navy Aviation cadets train at Corpus Christi, Texas. Zorina returns to ballet in "Helen of Troy." English dancers burlesque photographer Beaton. Pennsylvania station in New York City. Two Good Friends by Noel F. Busch ( a humorous illustrated article about Egyptian friends going about cutting down a dead tree - it took 12 hours!) Neat two page United States Rubber Company ad. Nice full page color Royal Crown Cola ad with Mary Martin. Full page Philco Corporation ad with parody of three Axis rulers by John Maxwell. Curious full page color Camel cigarettes ad about Do's and Don't's for dating Navy men, i.e. don't call them Gobs. Full page color Imperial Hiram Walker's whiskey ad with art by Albert Staehle, kitten hissing at teddy bear.
Good - $34 buy now

Life Magazine April  26, 1943Life Magazine April 26, 1943 : Cover - "Jango" Helen Almy - Junior Army-Navy Guild Organization.

Nice full page color Dr. West's tooth brush ad with female machinist. Patriotic full page color Greyhound bus ad - helping the Nation's great highways work for Victory. Americans in Tunisia learn war and Mud. US Coast Guardsmen rescue survivors from wrecked Soviet freighter off the Pacific Northwest Coast - amazing photo. Negro Bahamians arrive in US for farm work. Norden company employees attend circus and see bombsight stunt. "Porterhouse Lucy" is wow of agriculture department play. Newport, Rhode Island at war, including photos of The Breakers, Mrs. Lorillard Spencer, Mrs. James Laurens Van Alen, Mrs. Reginald Norman, Perry Belmont, Mrs. Anthony Bliss, more.. Officers' teen-age daughters become Jangos, including Helen Almy (these are Junior Army navy Guild Organization workers, like Candy stripers) . Book - One world by Wendell L. Willkie. Close-up - Corporal Thomas. Photo essay - Song of Bernadette. Photo essay - Radio City music hall. Science - Fire and its basic principles and chemistry, with professor A.R. Davis of MIT. Life calls on the Sultan of Morocco.
Good - $14 buy now
Fair (All Good, but cover is mildly scratched) - $9 buy now

Life Magazine May  3, 1943Life Magazine May 3, 1943 : Cover - Spring Match, Diana Dill models Designer Traina Norell's contribution to the frilly, Gibson girl fashion.

Neat full page Buick ad with Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines. Unusual full page color Ethyl Corporation ad with circus theme - What's in a name? President Tours rebellious south. Moroccan Newsdealer hawks President's portraits. Elmer Davis stages "Press Conference" for senate. Red Oak, Iowa, has 23 boys missing in action in North Africa. Air views show battle of Bismarck sea. North African wounded arrive at Halloran Hospital. Close-up - Frank Sinatra. Article - With the Task Force by John Field. Article - On the Raid by Colonel John Hilger. Photo essay - South Africa. Ensign Mitchell Jamieson paints embarkation. Victory gardens spring up throughout US. Diagrams and drawings of German and Italian Land Mines. Plastics become high priority war industry. Panorama photos help locate forest fires - Fire look-outs (includes three two-page spreads from towers in mountains near Denver, also a picture of the Harney Peak, South Dakota tower. Cute full page color Schenley Royal Reserve whisky ad inside back cover with old guys fishing. Life spends a day with Sidney Skolsky, Hollywood columnist. Full color general ad about civilians helping the war effort - Would you turn your back on a wounded soldier? Full page color Pontiac ad with Torpedo plane squadron.
Good - $32 buy now

Life Magazine May 10,  1943Life Magazine May 10, 1943 : Cover - Three PT-boat skippers : Robert Searles, Leonard Nikoloric and Robert Stillman Taylor.

Full page color Community silverplate ad with farmer and wife standing behind plow, romantic art - These are the things we are fighting for." A warning about China by Pearl S. Buck. US takes over the coal mines following a series of strikes, includes photos of coal miners like John Timchak (60 and still mining), Nanty Glo Heisley mine, Mike Kalenak, Mabrey Evans, Aerial photography - photo essay, including color aerials. Night clubs - photo essay including Diamond Horseshoe, El Chico, Nick's, Morocco, Stork Club, and Jimmy Durante at the Copacabana.. Extremely frigid looking photos of the soldiers in Iceland, tents in a blizzard and such. Full page Woodbury Facial soap ad with Elizabeth Anderson and Douglas W. Chambers meeting and marrying. Engineering Cadettes train for aircraft industry. Army cuts down food wastage. Dorothy McGuire's sweaters lift Hollywood ban - this is a truly odd bunch of sloppy sweater photos fighting the ban against sweaters as being too revealing. Pirate country of Louisiana.PT Squadron in the South Pacific. Full page color Chesterfield cigarette ad with manly U.S. Ranger in camouflage.
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Life Magazine May  17, 1943Life Magazine May 17, 1943 : Cover - Boypower, Jack Wilder working at Douglas Aircraft's El Segundo plant.

Cute full page color Good Year pliofilm ad with loquat fruits. Cartoons : Navy Airmen learn from Dilbert. Cartoon-like fun page Philco Corporation ad with art by Thomas. Allies overrun North Africa. Full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with Coal cars. Gibraltar garrison digs its way into Calcite palace inside the Rock - a full page photo showing military men standing in a flooded cave with lots of cave formations, we can guess their presence was not good for the cave. US seizes advance island bases in Aleutians and Southwest Pacific. Youngsters take skilled jobs to relieve labor shortage. Why an airplane flies by Wolfgang Langewiesche. Close-up - Veronica Lake, Hollywood's Cyclops Cinderella, that doesn't sound very flattering, huh?. Great Photo essay - cruise of new US Destroyer ship "Tin Can." Armand Denis captures gorillas in Congo. Flying fortress fashions designed by Boeing aircraft workers - Safe but attractive wardrobe for workers becomes fashion fad. Life comes home from war with North Dakota boys, 164th Infantry. Full page color Camels ad on back cover with Alligators amphibious vehicle. Cute full page color Kellogg's Rice Krispies ad with Snap, Crackle and Pop in airplanes.
Good - $18 buy now

Life Magazine May 24,  1943Life Magazine May 24, 1943 : Cover - Peggy Lloyd. War taps Brazil's wild rubber.

Full page Bell Telephone ad with military photo and story from James W. Hurlbut, Telephone exchange on Guadalcanal. US troops barter junk jewelry (today's antiques) with South Pacific natives. Interesting and fun photos of tank development from 1899 through 1943. Article on the Pentagon building and its stupendous cost. Duke of Windsor visits Bahamians at New Jersey camp. Rubber from Bazil, including great photo of Pan American Clipper plane being loaded. Tunisian campaign ends. Tunisian maps. Army takes over abandoned narrow-gauge railroad on South Pacific Island, includes small man-powered turntable, doesn't seem to say Which island. Book - "Combined Operations" by Hilary St. George Saunders, about St. Nazaire and ramming of H.M.S. Campbeltown. The fall of Tunis by Noel Busch. Photo essay - Spring on Lancaster county, Pennsylvania farms, C.L. Herr farm, Phares Nissley, Harry H. Noll, J. Harold and Clarence Brubaker, Bob Esbenshade, Ellis Esbenshade, the Mennonite Weaver family of dairy farmers, F. Lyman Windolph, more. Flying fish. Army artists paints history of air training. Penicillin. Theater - Oklahoma. US Tank developments - pictures. The Pentagon puzzle. Life calls on 16 Cover Girls. Very sexy full page color Jantzen swim suit ad.
Good - $18 buy now

Life Magazine May  31, 1943Life Magazine May 31, 1943 : Cover - Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia.

United Nations food conference in Hot Springs, Virginia - turns into a Freedom of the Press issue. Full page Revere Copper and Brass ad with the family of Luigi DeProspero. Nice full page American Electric companies ad for "Woman Power" with woman operating machine press. Full page photo of Joseph Jacob Foss (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) getting the Congressional Medal of Honor. Prisoners of war - Axis prisoners work on Mississippi levees, photo of American prisoners in Germany including A.L. Graham, Jr and other officers. WAACS in Rockford, Illinois including Alyce Coleman, Freddie Frampton, Mollie MacConnell, Philip Weiner, Frederico Rey and others. Very attractive full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with woman in military uniform. Photo - Sikorsky's helicopter helps celebrate air mail's anniversary. Industries adopt new methods to combat absenteeism. Saudi Arabia - photo essay, includes MECCA. Cotton stockings, patterns and knits. Charming and colorful full page Life Savers ad with Disney characters. Movie - Action in the North Atlantic. Packard woman wins Golden Wings. Oceans - incl. bit on diatoms.
Good - $34 buy now

Life Magazine June 7, 1943Life Magazine June 7, 1943 : Cover - Marine Captain Foss, USMC - America's #1 ace pilot.

Rather chilling full page color Texaco propaganda ad with crosses marking graves mimicking Heil Hilter salute - they salute you, Fuehrer, your dead warriors, they died - for what? Cartoons about the convoy by J.E. Broome. Floods ravage midwest farms - amazing flood pictures, Illinois, Wabash river, more. Coast guard cutter Spencer sinks U-boat, good photos. Full page American Railroad ad with soldier with gun, encouraging the public NOT travel - trains are needed for military. Interesting two page United States Rubber Company ad about synthetic rubber. OPA investigators catch pleasure drivers red-handed in new ban - the ban is on Pleasure Driving, Ben B. Isaac, Albert George, De Leon Clark, David Werth, Charles Manolokos, others. Halle Selassie's housekeeper. Infantry Officer candidate school. How to Camp Out, as taught by the Buffalo Museum of Science. Microphone hypnosis. Military life on South Sea Island, including naked guys freeing a stuck jeep, native women dancing. Full page color Columbia Records ad with Artur Rodzinski. Feature on Betty Grable's Legs (!).
Very Good - $52 buy now
Good - $42 buy now

Life Magazine June 14, 1943Life Magazine June 14, 1943 : Cover - High school graduation, Richard Cook and Jean Thomas from Forest High School, Ohio.

Full page Plymouth ad showing pre-war view of Plymouth's half mile long assembly lines full of cars. Very cute full page Cannon sheets ad with house hold tips "My conscience wouldn't let me!" War's aftermath in North Africa, including Hill 609, Tunis, El Aouina airport, Axis prisoners. Full page color Community silverplate ad with woman marrying soldier - These are the things we are fighting for. Director Byrnes visits his South Carolina neighbors. Japs are dug out from Snowy Peaks of Attu. American warships salvaged at Pearl Harbor. Tunisian campaign by Hanson Baldwin. Life Interviews General McNair. Full page color Florida Grapefruit Juice ad with PT-72 boat. Bareback dresses invade the city. Girl tumbler defies laws of physics and anatomy, Bonnie Nebelong. Carnivorous plants. Pictures - Monkeys are not good gardeners. Super full page color Eastern Airlines ad with soldier going home. Nice full page color Nash Kelvinator ad inside front cover about writing to fighting men, apparently a prisoner of war.
Good - $20 buy now

Life Magazine June 21, 1943Life Magazine June 21, 1943 : Cover - Sikorsky's Helicopter - great photo!

Igor Sikorsky with Pilot Les Morris. Full page color Swift's Premium meats ad with locomotive engineer C. L. Sabin. Full page General Electric ad with tips for conserving electricity and placement of lamps. Allied bombs herald invasions - including photo of bombing o Kiel dockyards. Photo - Greg Rice and Gunder Hagg jog around LaGuardia field, champion runners. Zoot suit riots. Company X on Attu. Close-up - Sikorsky's helicopter. Show business at war. Article - In reply to King Ibn Saud by Dr. Stephen S. Wise. Life shows sergeant Thomas Grant pictures of his new baby, Marilyn Grant. Navy wives at Key West await their husbands' return. War has created record demand for horse meat. Shortleaf Pine makes useful crop. Peter Hurd paints return of Flying Fortresses from Rouen. Life raft radio leads rescuers to scene. How advertising art is mass produced. New York's marriage license bureau, includes Nathan Rosenfeld's, Frederick Witham's, Charles Eater's, Israel H. Sloan's, William Richter's, Charles Accordino's. Cute full page color Calvert whiskey ad with cartoon chipmunks. Nice full page movie poster ad for "Mr. Lucky" starring Cary Grant.
Fair (All Very Good, but cover has a very faint smear) - $28 buy now
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Life Magazine June  28, 1943Life Magazine June 28, 1943 : Cover - war souvenir, Sybil Myersburg.

British raid Burma. Really neat full page DeSoto ad with workers in assembly line producing fuselage sections for medium bomber airplanes. Photo - Labor shortage threatens laundry service. Columnist Dorothy Thompson weds Czech artist Maxim Kopf. Comedian Charles Chaplin (54) weds Oona O'Neill (18). Pentagon picnic. Axis prisoners in the United States. Special devices are key to Navy's synthetic air training (I believe these are flight simulators). Troop train. Jungle adventure by Sidney James, with Eugene Wallace, Marvin C. Hughes, Dale E. Bordner - ten month ordeal on New Britain Island. Souvenirs from troops overseas. Charming full page General Electric ad with soldier, girl and wishbone. Feature on Trees. British send priceless masterpieces to safety. War art commissioned by Life. Lady Montgomery in County Donegal. Nice half page Champion Spark plugs ad with color and pilot. Neat full page color Pullman train ad with compartment full of military men. Another sexy full page color Jantzen swim suit ad with art by Pete Hawley. Nice full page color Studebaker trucks ad with Russian (?) scene, art by Frederic Fellander. Neat full page color United Airline with airplane overflying a horse and carriage - how far is an hour?
Excellent - $56 buy now
Very Good - $44 buy now
Good - $34 buy now

Life Magazine July  5, 1943Life Magazine July 5, 1943 : Cover - America's combat dead, photo shows Tunisia

This issue contains a complete list of America's war dead by State and City, including Alaska, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Philippines. Detroit race riot. US planes bomb Nauru. Close-up - MacArthur. Article - Doubletalk by George Frazier. Artist Fischer paints historic cruise of the "Campbell." Theater - South sea scandals. Bare-leg make-up. Life goes to a sheep ranch, Floyd Lee ranch near Grants, New Mexico. Neat full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with grain fields and grain silos. Cute half page Unguentine sunburn lotion ad with color. Nice half page Canada Dry Spur cola drink ad with color. Full page color Electric Boat company ad with sailors. Very nice full page color Texaco ad with Axis flags in trash can. Very nice full page color Western Electric ad with sailor. Super full page color Higgins Industries ad with airplane and boat.
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Life Magazine July 12, 1943Life Magazine July 12, 1943 : Cover - Roy Rogers on Trigger - rearing.

Nice full page color Fisher armament, General Motors ad with manly men manning an anti-aircraft gun. Interesting full page Agfa film ad showing Grumman fighter airplane crashing on landing on aircraft carrier. Photo - Chicago's empty stockyards while ranches are glutted. Bombing of the Ruhr, heavy industry, Germany. Unusual full page color Clapp's Baby foods ad - how's and why's for every hungry baby. BIG two page Buick, General Motors ad with 75 mm shell (casing), the same one later used for avalanche control in the US. Body armor for American fliers. China fights on. Free ballooning. San Francisco - photo essay. Barse Miller paints San Francisco harbor. Life goes to Fleet Park. Nice full page color Fisher (General Motors) ad with anti-aircraft gun. Young Britain by Barbara Ward. Close-up - Roy Rogers, king of the cowboys. Dirty clothes pile up in US laundries, including photos of Cashman's (Bronx), Massachusetts Laundry Company (Detroit), Joe Lee's, details on how laundry is done. Kids' evangelist makes bible tales exciting. Dave Breger's Cartoons - G. I. Joe. Report from a prison camp by Constantin Joffe, Stalag XVIIA in Germany. Full page Woodbury Facial Soap ad with Faith Flagg (daughter of James Montgomery Flagg). Very nice full page color Schenley whiskey ad with golf theme. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with pipe laying and A.G. Hobson, Odis Hare, Earl Baker, and Abe Willis.
Very Good - $88 buy now
Good - $65 buy now

Life Magazine July 19, 1943Life Magazine July 19, 1943 : Cover - Air Force Pilot Shirley Slade.

Nice full page color Alcoa Aluminum ad with US aircraft overflying US infantry. Corn crisis (with interesting photo of pigs sleeping on waste corn that the farmers didn't want to sell for so little). Charming full page Listerine ad with girl surrounded by admiring military men. Atlantic Gliders, airplanes. Argentine Army takes over - a military coup. Betty Grable marries Harry James. Dehn's golden wedding. New Guinea bombing. Article - narcotics by Gerard Piel. Photo essay - Girl Pilots. Rehabilitation of the wounded. Soybeans. Movie - Victory through air power. Pictures - blimp hanger. Sinbad, by Richard Wilcox. Westbrook Pegler's Initiation into Circus Saints and Sinners Association. Very strange photo of a boxcar crashed through third story of a mill in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Full page color Belmont Radio ad with pilot. Full page color Carta Blanca imported beer ad. Two page color Firestone ad pertaining to synthetic rubber. Two page Consolidated Vultee Aircraft ad.
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>Life Magazine July  26, 1943Life Magazine July 26, 1943 : Cover - 8th Air Force Bombers, the ground crews of "Ted's Flying Circus."

Full page color General Motors Truck and Coach ad with Middle Eastern theme. Full page color Veedol motor oil ad with P-38 Lightning airplane shooting down a Messerschmitt. Invasion of Sicily. New Georgia Offensive, Rendova Island in South Pacific, Higgins landing barge, Millard F. Harmon, Private Fuller of Weston, Vermont (wounded). Peacemakers of Princeton. Women sailors campaign to re-enlist. First Anniversary of the 8th Army Air Force, Peter Hurd paints the early days. Billy Rose's diamond horseshoe. The Air Plan by Francis Vivian Drake. Troop Landins at Gela in Sicily. Photo essay - How to fix it. Close-up - Ingrid Bergman. Army training films. Enemy weapons. The Quarter Horse. Peter Hurd paints Bomber Command. Movie - For whom the bell tolls. Sidewalk art show In Greenwich Village. Part-time Swing shift by Harold Keen. Life goes to the Fairyland of Candles, Fourth of July in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Nice full page color Chris Craft ad. Full page color movie poster ad for "Dixie" starring Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. Very cute full page early Maytag ad with soldier hand washing his clothes and writing home wistfully to his mother with her Maytag washer. Very nice full page Electric Light and Power Companies ad showing "Joan of Arc" - a woman welder. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with submarine crew. Full page National Dairy products ad with two soldiers, one in Jungle troops garb and one is ski troops garb, cute ad. Full page color Studebaker Flying Fortress ad with really pretty art by Frederic Fellander of planes above a pink cloud layer. Charming full page Paul Jones whiskey ad with cartoon art of camels.
Very Good - $68 buy now

Life Magazine August  2, 1943Life Magazine August 2, 1943 : Cover - Commander in Chief of the Western Approaches, Admiral Max Kennedy Horton.

Full page DeSoto ad with "The Marauder" airplane, B-26. Invasion of Sicily. Women in trouble, Ruth Holler, Nancy Oakes de Marigny, Clara Edwards. MacArthur lock. MacArthur-for-president club. Close-up - Admiral Horton. Tom Lea paints the last day of the aircraft carrier "Hornet." Army air forces mark two birthdays. Children's clothes. Movie - the Constant Nymph. Emett's cartoons from "Punch." Life goes to a party with tombstone hounds, Woodbridge, New Jersey churchyard - Genealogical society of New Jersey. Nice full page color Coca-Cola ad with military mail man and theme of writing to the military men. Cute photo of Robert K. Morgan kissing Margaret Polk. Nice full page American Railroads ad with caboose and cabooseman. Full page color Electric Boat company ad Elco, with PT boat. Very nice full page color Texaco ad with Japanese soldier. Cute full page color Carnation Milk ad. Nice full page color Pontiac ad with anti-aircraft gun.
Good - $20 buy now

Life Magazine August  9, 1943Life Magazine August 9, 1943 : Cover - Steel worker, Ann Zarik in Gary, Indiana. Italy.

Full page Revere Copper and Brass ad with George Hann and his family. Strange case of John Durfee. Aerial photos of bombing of Rome. Adventure in Sicily by Jack Belden. Close-up - Flip Corkin by John Bainbridge. Photo essay - Women in steel. Negro army division. Colonel William Randolph Lovelace's record parachute jump from 40,200 feet. Kitchens of tomorrow. Lucille Ball in Technicolor. Medicine - Curare. Pictures - Servicemen pick Hollywood Favorites (Phew - no longer politically correct! "Girl we'd like to keep our foxholes tidy" "Girl to ride with on a bumpy African road.") Life visits Chicago servicemen's country club, the Summer Center. Nice full page color Florida Grapefruit juice ad with muscled military men. Full page color Western Electric ad with radioman in fox hole. Women in steel ... handling tough industry jobs, including photos of Tubular Alloy Steel corp., Gary Indiana steel mill, Florence Romanowski, Rosalie Ivy, Alice Jo Barker, Mae Harris, Bernice Baunora, Victoria Brotko, Dolores Macias, Ann Zirik (pretty as a recruiting poster), Lorraine Gallinger, Lugrash Larry, Katherin Mrzljak, Theresa Arana, Audrey Mae Hulse, Blanche Jenkins and others. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with test pilot Joe Parker and Thunderbolt fighter planes, P-47, Josephine Walz, and Shirley Jordan.
Good - $28 buy now

Life Magazine August  16, 1943Life Magazine August 16, 1943 : Cover - How strong is Japan?

Horrific series of photos from 1923 earthquake in Japan with piles of Japanese dead. The battle of Orel. Baukmillers strike it rich. Glider plane crash kills Mayor of St. Louis and 9 others - astounding photos. Harlem riot. Strange case of John Bovingdon. Article - P-38 by William P. Gray. Close-up - Andrew Jackson Higgins. Photo debate - How strong is Japan? Paris and New York styles during the war. Night club - Folies Bergere. "Balloon Ball" pitcher Sewell. Starlets in "Our hearts were young and gay." Alaska has no "ceiling" by Robert Sherrod. Air Force rest home in England, home of Walter Hutchinson. Full page Sealright Milk bottle hoods pertaining to tuberculosis. Full page color Sonora records ad with military men - recording a letter home. Full page color Fleetwood cigarette ad with Middle Eastern scene. Full page color Shell ad with blimps / air craft. Full page color Cannon Towels ad inside front cover with a whole group of military men bathing in a river, true towel tales #1 "Army Day - Crocodiles keep out!".
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Life Magazine August  23, 1943Life Magazine August 23, 1943 : Cover - Lindy Hop dance, Kaye Popp and Stanley Catron.

Attractive full page color Studebaker ad with military truck in Iran, art by Frederic Fellander. Surrender of Palermo. Bombing of Hamburg. Refloating of the Normandie. Medals for Norwegian Merchant seamen, Gerner Sunde, captain of the Mosdale. Rescue of "Helena" survivors from Vella Levella, including photo of Rolla Nuckles (a rescuer). AMGOT at work. House of Savoy. Canning and Preserving. Sinatra at Lewisohn stadium. Dugong, Platypus, Kookaburra and Company. Full page color Chesterfield ad with submarine captain. Close-up - Photo biography of the Secretary of War. Photo essay - the Lindy Hop, a big feature with Stanley Catron, Kaye Popp, Leon James, and Willa Mae Ricker. Mass production of gun tubes. Dog-Day-Hair-Dos. Basics of canning food. Army emergency photography. Life visits McSorley's old Ale House, New York. Full page color Pacific Factag Fabrics ad with country picnic. Full page color Airlines of the United States ad for passenger airlines. Very cute half page Mojud hosiery ad. Full page color Lane Hope chest ad with dreaming soldier. Full page photo of Wendell Willkie riding his new tiny motor bike.
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Life Magazine August  30, 1943Life Magazine August 30, 1943 : Cover - Robert Anthony Eden and Nipper (dog), Britain's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Nice full page Cadillac ad with tanks. Where do we go from here?... Churchill and Roosevelt meet to discuss it. Close-up - Anthony Eden. Photo essay - Missouri River. The battle for Troina, Sicily. Full page Ponds Cold Creme ad with Barbara Hodges. Victoria Cross. Spiders spin thread for gunsights. Summer successes on Broadway. Movie - Heaven can wait. Books - c/o the Postmaster by Thomas R. St. George. Farm kids produce food for fighting nations, including Dale Hespen, Ben Hespen, Dorothy McKensie, Mary Louis Helt, Lois Finnegan, Richard Hespen, Verne McKenzie and more. Precision bombing. Songs the soldiers sing. The Capital's cabbies (cab drivers). Aircraft carrier signals. Life visits Shangri-La, Srinagar in Kashmir. Nice full page color Pontiac ad with sailors moving bomb to plane on aircraft carrier. Nice full page color Thompson Aircraft ad with the Flying Tiger Cubs and the Thompson Trophy race in China. Neat full page color Electric boat company ad with a submarine sinking an Axis ship. Full page color Canadian club whiskey ad with Mackinac Island, Michigan.
Good - $20 buy now

Life Magazine September  6, 1943Life Magazine September 6, 1943 : Cover - Jap Hunters on the Munda front, Stanford Robertson and Herbert L. Moser.

Fantastic full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with Mrs. Casey Jones, railroad engineer, art by Bingham. Full page DeSoto ad with anti-aircraft guns. Industry at War. Very funny picture of dog and bone (a whole Plesiosaur skeleton). Sicilian clean-up. Tomato crisis, including some great photos of primitive looking harvesting methods. . "Know your Endorser" campaign against Check forgery. Full page North American Aviation ad with Mitchell bomber in the Aleutians, Alaska, art by Alexander Leydenfrost. Capitol cleanup. Close-up - Folk singer John Jacob Niles. Photo essay - the Chicken business. Capture of the Munda airfield including Laurence Ptiz and others. Air Transport Command Base. Greenland at war, by artists Thomas and Wolf. Art - collages, a new kind of art. Rumors from Germany. Fashion show at Halloran hospital. Cute full page color Carter's Ink ad with multi-colored kittens, each in a sock hanging on a clothesline. Attractive full page color Schlitz beer ad with dancers. Cute full page color Carnation Milk ad - first date. Nice full page color Green Giant peas ad. Nice full page color International Harvester with Boeing Tank Truck and a Flying Fortress.Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Captain Joseph H. Hart, pilot with Pan American.
Excellent - $48 buy now

Life Magazine September  13, 1943Life Magazine September 13, 1943 : Cover - Leotards, Jean Welch and Doris Bryn.

Neat full page color Willys jeeps ad with bridge building in New Guinea under fire. Unusual full page color Vega aircraft corporation ad with Navy Vega Ventura airplane PV-1. Allied landing on Kiska. Arturo Toscanini's plea to the American people. Maestro Toscanini at home. Joe Louis' tour of Army camps. Highest US railroad, narrow gauge from Climax molybdenum mine to Leadville, Colorado. Parachuting dog, Geronimo with the 507th Parachute Infantry. Congressman Schwabe and the home folks. America and the future by John K. Jessup. Close-up - Sikh Maharaja. Photo essay - weather. Last mission of a Fortress. College fashions. Wartime prayers. Constantin Alajalov illustrations for Cinderella. The Midwest Mood, part I by Eliot Janeway. Pictures - Hollywood's shapeliest Shadow Girl. Life goes House painting, Harold Wallis Steck home of Newtown, Connecticut, including George Ketiladze, Diana Tead, Rusudana Williams and more. Neat two page color General Motors ad : Victory through Progress, Progress through Victory. Full page New York Central railroad ad with color - shows cut-away of various passenger compartments. Full page pen and ink style Spring Maid Springs Cotton Mills ad with art by James Montgomery Flagg.
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Life Magazine September  20, 1943Life Magazine September 20, 1943 : Cover - Cambridge Don, Charles Theodore Seltman in archaeology.

Surrender of Italy. American dead at Buna. GOP at Mackinac. Full page movie poster ad "Salute to the Marines" with Wallace Beery. Railroad wrecks : Congressional Limited just outside Philadelphia, 79 dead. 20th Century Locomotive blows up near Canastota, New York. Curious full page color Nash Kelvinator ad with parachutist. Paraguay inauguration. Archbishop Spellman's travels. American and the future, part II by John K. Jessup. Close-up - Evans Fordyce Carlson of the Marine Raider Battalion. Photo essay - Cambridge University. Cleveland museum. Movies - Glamazons. Night club - Latin quarter. Midwest's mood, part II by Eliot Janeway. Pictures - first newsreels. Life goes on a canoe picnic, Lake Champlain - includes Sallie Wareham, Gary Dunn, Ruth Ellenwood, Randy Smith, and others. Extraordinarily cute photo of baby, dog, and kitten all sleeping in a cuddle, Richard Goodman. Neat full page color Coca-Cola with military men and Native people (Inuit?) in Alaska. Nice full page Buick ad with Liberator airplanes. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with submarine patrol and Inez Dale Myers, naval shipyard worker. Full page color Imperial Hiram Walker's Whiskey ad with art by Albert Staehle, with a Wood Duck escaping an alligator. Nice photo of Eugene Reese learning how to milk a cow using a rubber glove.
Good - $20 buy now

Life Magazine September  27, 1943Life Magazine September 27, 1943 : Cover - Harvester, Shirley Armstrong, member of Women's Land Army.

Cute full page color General Motors Truck and Coach ad with one room school. Nice full page color Mobilgas ad with US Bomber airplanes. Battle of Salerno. Guadalcanal road sign. Fighting Roosevelt family. In the ruins of bombed London. Navy's new fighter airplane, the Hellcat. Rebuilding of Stalingrad. 100th anniversary of Marcus Whitman's famous ride. Letter from Home, by John Field. Photo essay - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Army Bazooka. Full page color Schenley whiskey ad with man saving his whiskey for special occasions because "no whiskey is being distilled these days (all production is for war alcohol). Relics from old Indian cave, Overhanging rock in Bear Mountain-Harriman Park in New York State - found by Betty Lou Norris. Night Bomber's sky - photos. Life visits the Harvesters of America, farmers. Full page Curtiss Wright ad with the Commando C-46, also called, Super plane, Troopship of the sky, and Flying arsenal. Cute full page Wembley Ties ad. An early full page color Shell ad for oil and gas pipelines. Nice full page color Campbell Soup ad with soldiers heating rations on the engine of a jeep.
Good - $22 buy now

Life Magazine October  4, 1943Life Magazine October 4, 1943 : Cover - Tony Biddle.

Allied South Pacific advance. Full page Philco corporation ad with cartoon art by Eric Godal, American's using everything including the kitchen sink to defeat Nazis. Christmas presents servicemen won't get. Cattle sale, auction of the Dunloggin Holstein herd brings highest prices in history, Joseph Natwick, Maryland. Battle of Italy. Shirley Temple and Mary Pickford. Cliveden in wartime. Joseph E. Davies' album of second mission to Moscow. Close-up - Ambassador Biddle. War living - Kids and guns. Clothes for the baby. Army and Navy decorations and service ribbons in color. Kitchen chemistry. Pictures - Barnaby. Broadwayese by George Frazier. Life goes to a backyard party, Robert Gear in Beverly Hills, Illinois. WONDERFUL full page color Johnson & Johnson Band-aid ad with kids. Nice full page color RCA Radio Corporation of America ad with military and home sets. Cute full page color Fleetwood cigarette ad with muzzled dog by Albert Stachle. Full page color Cannon Towels ad inside front cover "Alaskan Aquacade", True Towel Tales 2, art by Fred L. Full page Camel cigarettes ad with Miss Gay Gahagan, flight officer in the civil air patrol.
Good - $20 buy now

Life Magazine October  11, 1943Life Magazine October 11, 1943 : Cover - Half-hat, Mrs. John Cross (Betty Ribble).

Nice full page color Mobilgas ad with horse - Conservation check-ups. Full page color Lee work clothes and uniforms ad "When that Great Day comes!" showing a soldier in uniform being welcomed home and held on the shoulders of two friends, art by RS(RS underline 43).First Lady's South Pacific tour, Eleanor Roosevelt. English road signs. Landing at Lae. Al Dexter's "Pistol Packing Mama." Stuttgart raid by Frank Scherschel. Photo essay - Jewish homeland. Movie - Merle Oberon in "The Lodger." Logistics models at Camp Lee. Color photographs of the Aleutians - military. An album of Chinese paintings with introduction by Wilder Hobson. Half-hats and buns. Life and times of the USS Mayflower. The partisans, Yugoslav guerrillas. Life goes to a hero's homecoming, John Basilone of Raritan, New Jersey. Nice full page color Motor Bus Lines of America ad with night factory scene. Nice full page color Nestle's chocolate ad with Ernie Pyle.
Very Good - $40 buy now
Good - $30 buy now

Life Magazine October  18, 1943Life Magazine October 18, 1943 : Cover - Picture romance, Louis Macouillard and Grace Harrison.

Fun photos of Life's photographers. Capture of Naples. Unknown Flier's grave near Bengasi. Shake-up in State department. US bomber raid on Paramushire. Close-up - Marshall Field III. Photo essay - Picatinny arsenal. War living - Europe's clothes. Movie - Princess O'Rourke. Art - Ensign Macouillard's picture love letters. Soil Erosion. Theater - Blackouts of 1943. Famous war letters. The Alaska Highway by William S. Howland, quite an adventure! The Pump Room in Chicago. Neat full page color Coca-Cola ad on back cover featuring Iceland. Neat photo of Hummingbird sipping drop of nectar from toothpick, Betty Baltzer in Lansing, Michigan - sounds like it was late autumn. Nice full page color Autocar ad, Half-tracks with anti-aircraft guns. Cute full page color 7-up ad. Nice full page color Willys jeep ad with battle scene. Nice full page color North American Aviation ad with Mitchell B-25 bomber.
Good - $24 buy now

Life Magazine October 25, 1943Life Magazine October 25, 1943 : Cover - Mary Martin. Air war in pacific.

Curious full page Agfa film ad showing a downed pilot how to inflate and use rescue raft. Mexico's volcano - Paracutin. UAW's annual convention. Funeral of Chicago's Boss Nash. Colorado - photo essay, includes photos from Leadville, Drowsy Water Ranch, Roy Harris' house in Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs, Delta valley, Denver capital, and Ouray, Colorado. Balinese sculpture. Story of Fort Schuster. Life visits a Town Library in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Business in Britain, by William Benton. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Army Engineers, tank block, and signal worker Amelia Baines. Congressional Medal of Honor awards. Sea bombardment. Movie - Flesh and Fantasy. War living - Argentine meat. Bombing repairs in Britain. Experiments in revival - dogs killed then brought back to life in Russia, absolutely horrible photos of severed dog head and more. Neat full page US Army recruiting ad with airmen - You'll be on the Greatest Team in the World!
Very Good
- $30 buy now
Good - $20 buy now
Fair (All Good, but cover has minor damage, and centerspread is a bit rough) - $10 buy now

Life Magazine November 1, 1943Life Magazine November 1, 1943 : Cover - Thunderbolt fighter plane, P-47 with Captain James Clark.

Execution of Nazi spies. Haitian President Lescot at White House. Great full page American Railroads ad - 1943 Minutemen, engine 2877. Naples Post Office explosion. Sinatra sings for WAVES. Lloyd George marries. Interned refugees freed at Campagna. Buna revisited. Postwar Air, by Joseph Kastner. Photo essay - Georgia prisons. Close-up - Hildegarde. Magnetic wire recorder. Japanese Kabuki play - the 47 Ronin. West Point military academy Training camp. Smart dog, Boots - half Collie, half Wolf, understands 1,800 words and more - this looks like an early version of Companion Dog training. Texas Tall Tale. Pictures - Gun camera stills. An army hospital in Burma. Full page color Camel ad on back cover with a number of different military women. Neat full page color Universal Match Corporation ad with Stone age man and fresh lava. Full page color Upjohn Pharmaceuticals ad from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Nice full page color Electric Boat Company ad with submarine shooting Japanese ship, by Gerald Leake. Interesting full page Evan Products ad with small freight train engines that can go on tracks or off, Auto-Railer, with color. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with women's military uniforms.
Very Good
- $62 buy now

Life Magazine November  8, 1943Life Magazine November 8, 1943 : Cover - Field Marshal Jan Smuts, Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa.

Awesome full page color Texaco ad with mother buying groceries with bicycle and child in red wagon. Battlefield of Naples. USS Lafayette. Negro soldier chorus in London. War fund drive in Colorado, includes governor John C. Vivian, Prunes III the burro (donkey) carrying silver dollars from Park county, two little girls and their lamb in Hayden, Colorado; Coal cars from a mine at Mt. Harris with miners; Potatoes in Steamboat Springs; Hereford yearling from the ranch of Farrington Carpenter, other donations from Hayden with photos of the people. Battle of Arundel Island. Close-up - Jan Christian Smuts. Photo essay - the American block, this is a fantastic piece about the 300 block on Progress Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio and includes Matt Thomson and family, Paul Rhil and family, Don Stout family, Winkle family, Schwartz family, Bruner family, Kestermann, Lowell, Earl Newton, Karl Bohlander, Henneberger, Janet FRitz, Von Stein, Wilma Lee Steeles, Bob Harmon, more.. Theater - Canadian Navy's "Meet the Navy." Tank recovery units. Bare-shoulder fashions. Precision bombing in Marienburg raid. Whitney Darrow Jr. cartoons. Life among the ruins. Life visits the Trapp family in Vermont. Cute half page Jayson officers' shirts ad with color. Super nice full page color Webster Cigars ad with people at a fancy event. Cute full page movie poster ad for "Government Girl" starring Olivia de Havilland. Nice full page Pond's cold crème ad with Roberta Bosworth, pilot. Cute full page color Swan soap ad with child's building blocks. Photo of the cat at Baldo's Meat Market on third avenue in New York.
Good - $22 buy now

Life Magazine November  15, 1943Life Magazine November 15, 1943 : Cover - Fur-lined coats, Carmel Fitzgerald from Louisville, Kentucky.

Neat full page color Cadillac ad with engine and tanks. Elections, 1943. Raffling a lemon in London. Prisoners' return after being released by Germans. President Manuel Quezon of the Philippines. Sir Dudley Pound's funeral. Berlin in London. Article, "Here is your war" by Ernie Pyle. Close-up - the Dukes of England. Photo essay - skip bombing. Troops in Iceland - this is the time that the hot water line to Reykjavik was nearing completion, it would allow all buildings in town to be heated with steam heat. "Yank" Theater - The Naked Genius. Fish noises. Fur-lined coats. English kids in America. Vogue's 50th anniversary. Life's reports - Don Juan. Life visits Trinity Church in New York. Photo of Fred Dunderdale and his extra toes. Full page movie poster ad for "Flesh and Fantasy" with color. Nice half page Bostonians ad with soldier in winter ski gear showing the ski boots, ski trooper. Also full page color Forstmann woolens ad with ski set in backyard. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with tank crew, and Betty Boebinger and Hal Ecker, M-4 tanks.
Very Good - $25 buy now
Fair (All Good, but two pages have a tear, no paper missing.) - $15 buy now
Fair (All Good, but back cover edges are mildly rough.) - $15 buy now

Life Magazine November  22, 1943Life Magazine November 22, 1943 : Cover - Foot soldier, Estel Able of Owensboro, Kentucky.

Nice full page color Pontiac ad with anti-aircraft gun being set-up. General Marshall. De Marigny trial in Nassau. Trouble in Syria. Tempest in Lebanon. Chili Williams by request, a model. Los Angeles by Rober Butterfield. Close-up - Ellery Queen. Photo essay - the German General Staff Corps. Shostakovich symphony. South Pacific Atoll. Airmen's animals in Australia, Darwin, Maurice McCarty. Mary Martin's dress. Doris Rosenthal's Mexican paintings. Glareless Glass. The Bengal famine. Life calls on Italy's Benedetto Croce. Nice full page color Coca-Cola ad on back cover with American and Chinese military men together, plus plane with bullet holes. Very nice full page color Ray-O-Vac batteries ad with family and Air Raid shelter. Nice full page color Autocar ad with Navy tanker truck and PT boat. Full page Boeing ad with photograph of Clipper airplane taking off from water. Neat full page color Ansco color film ad with Boeing Flying Fortress over Mt. Rainier.
Very Good - $45 buy now
Good - $34 buy now
Fair (All Good, Framable cover, but last 3 pages soiled.) - $15 buy now

Life Magazine November  29, 1943Life Magazine November 29, 1943 : Cover - Lieut. General Eaker, 8th Air Force.

Full page Philco Corporation ad with two-man Bazooka gun. Photo - US Army on Royal throne. Full page color General Motors ad with the amphibian truck called the Duck. Full page color Gruen watch ad with man with machine gun. Neat photo of Russian tommy gunners who have captured German Mark IV tank. Allied bombing of Rabaul on New Britain island. Nice full page color Studebaker ad with Charles R. Connell, George Connell (South Bend) and military art by Robert Skemp. Marine landing on Bougainville. 8th bomber command, their first yea over Germany. Full page Woodbury soap ad with Guy Price Jr. and Joan Newcomb. Nice full page John Hancock Life Insurance ad with railroad station theme. The comic art of Edward Ardizzone. Brontes - photo essay, three strange sisters. Dam threatens Pueblo Indians (New Mexico, Rio Grande river) - photo essay. Tuberculosis survey. Beavers. Floppy Rag Dolls incl. some that look like Raggedy Ann. John Steuart Curry. Marlene Dietrick, gilded. A country fair party in Waukegan, Illinois with photos of Frank Kaluszewski, Erwin Gillenwater, Jack Rust, Harold Harmon, Frank Gruenwald, Warren Eckhoff, , Great Lakes Naval Training Statino, Glenview Naval Reserve Aviation base and more, Marilyn Myrland. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Flying Fortress navigator and Jane Hammond.
Good - $20 buy now

Life Magazine December 6, 194Life Magazine December 6, 1943 : Cover - Ear muffs, Selene Mahri from Sweden.

Sinkiang, Heart of Asia. Irving Berlin and Noel Coward in London. Opening Night at the Metropolitan Opera. Aircraft Carrier Battle. Guerrilla warfare in Yugoslavia. Germany - Enigma of Peace. "Tomorrow we will be free" by Carl and Shelley Mydans. Photo essay - Soldier's letter home, Dick Davisson from Grafton, West Virginia. Remote-control turret. War living - root cellar. Proviso railroad freight yard. State Flags and the Rainbow Division. Movie - No time for Love. Night club - Buck and bubbles. Ear Muffs. Pictures - old New England house, includes Peirce mansion in Portsmouth, Salem, Kittery, Nantucket, Marblehead and others. Burial at sea, by Robert Sherrod. Life visits Jesse Stuart of W-Hollow, Greenup county, Kentucky. Nice full page color Pacific Factag Fabrics ad with homecoming for sailor, winter scene with family, train, sled and more. Neat full page color Shell research ad with battlefield surgeons. Full page color Forstmann woolens ad inside front cover with lady in super purple suit with leopard skin accents.
Very Good - $32 buy now
Good - $22 buy now

Life Magazine December  13, 1943Life Magazine December 13, 1943 : Cover - Citizen of Sinkiang.

Nice full page color Pennsylvania railroad ad with train provisioning ship. Fight for Tarawa. Whisky shortage from coast to coast. Rare white cocker spaniel is born in California, owner Mrs. Roy Sands McCann. Axis newsreels show Axis strength. Rationing and price control. USS Borie's last battle. Photo essay - Sinkiang. Harvard's Eateria. Three servicemen's wives triple up, Mrs. Robert J. Donovan, Mrs. William A. Swartman, and Mrs. W.B. Smillie. Amazing three photo series of enemy cruiser being bombed and sunk - part of a full page Kodak ad. Alexis Smith turns dancer. Psychological warfare. Animals - artificial breeding. Movie - Madame Curie. The bombing of Berlin, by John Scott. Life goes to a London beauty contest. Nice full page AAF ad, Army Air Force recruiting. Full page color movie poster ad for "The Song of Bernadette" - painted by Norman Rockwell. Neat two page color Dextrose sugar ad with cave man painted by Frank Bensing. Cute full page Ipana toothpaste ad. Full page color ad for Pennsylvania Railroad with nice rail and boat art by John Clymer.
Very Good - $42 buy now
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Life Magazine December 20, 1943Life Magazine December 20, 1943 : Cover - US pilot's wife, Muriel Stanhope.

Fighting friends in Teheran. Teheran conference. National Association of Manufacturers meets. Bob Hope entertains war-workers' kids. Famine in India. Our kids are in trouble, by Roger Butterfield. Close-up - Irish Publican, Jack Nugent - owner of Dophin Hotel in Dublin. Nice full page color Airlines of the US ad with pilot and planes. Photo essay - Americans' return on the Gripsholm. Landing craft. Pilot's wife, husband is a prisoner of war away in Germany. Nice full page De Soto ad with four military scenes and color. Archbishop of Santa Fe. Dream girls - movies. Scrap sculpture. Butadiene plant, to make synthetic rubber, SE of Beaumont, Texas at Port Neches. Bomber concentration trails. French soldiers get US arms. Life goes to a skeleton party with Medical students, Tulane University. Very nice full page color North American Aviation ad with airman reuniting with wife and child, art by Michel Kady. Cute full page color Coca-Cola ad with soldier dressing as Santa Claus. Rather amazing full page color Chesterfields ad with Santa as an aviator. Full page color Cannon towels ad with men using makeshift shower, True Towel Tales 3, "What? ... no bath salts?" art by Steven Dohanos. Swedish ship Gripsholm brings American's home from internment camps, Mormugao.
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Life Magazine December  27, 1943Life Magazine December 27, 1943 : Cover - Art, nurse with soldier, art by Fletcher Martin.

Full page color Greyhound bus ad with pilot, another Zero (japanese airplane) nearer the happiest new year (coming home). Full page Goodrich tires ad with amphibious landing and synthetic tires. Nice full page color Royal Crown Cola ad with Betty Hutton. Canol development project, pipeline for oil in Alaska and Canada. Tarawa aftermath, Betio island photos. Neat full page color RCA (Radio Corporation of America) ad with parachutists. Hereford birching - a strange case that is essentially about spanking misbehaving boys. Unusual full page color Shell ad about Skip bombing. Mary Martin. Paintings of the Solomons campaign by Dwight Shepler. Fletcher Martin's painting of North Africa. Paintings of submarine warfare by Paul Sample. Paintings of bombing of Hamburg by Floyd Davis. Paintings of jungle landings in New Georgia by Aaron Bohrod. Mitchell Jamieson's paintings of Sicily. Confederate General's widow. Children's books for Christmas. Rain Queen of Lovedu. Alfred Hitchcock's new waistline. That first party dress, with Irma Olswang and Jane Fest of Valley Stream, Long Island. New York Central color ad with Caboose cutaway art by Werner Schmidt
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