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1936 LIFE Magazine For Sale

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Life Magazine November 23, 1936 Life Magazine November 23, 1936 : PREMIER ISSUE

This is the First Issue of this version of LIFE. (See also the Original Life, a humor and social commentary magazine). Comes with photocopy of original cover letter from publishers to charter member. Franklin Roosevelt's wild west. NBC. Fort Knox. Fort Belvedere. One legged man on a mountain, Roger Tschumi. Russia relaxes. Wheeler, Montana. Ruby Smith's place. Photo of Mrs. Nelson with two little children at Nelson Laundry. Mrs. Effie Crawfor in Pearl River, Louisiana and illegitimate child. Bandit La Normandia in Philadelphia. Dr. Joseph Graham Mayo and dog Floosie killed while driving along train tracks in Alma, Wisconsin. St. Mary's Chinese school in San Francisco. Greatest living actress, Helen Hayes. Brazil - photo essay. Mr. Brugh = Robert Taylor. Two page color beautiful Chesapeake and Ohio Railway ad, art by Lemuel Thomas. Photo of the Grentonas in high-wire bicycle act. Nice full page color Lucky Strike cigarettes ad with woman in red and Dalmatian dog.
Fair (with copy of cover letter)(All Good, Nice!, but cover edge has a few short tears, one inside page has a margin tear, very tiny chip at end of spine) - $88 buy now
Fair (with copy of cover letter)(All Good, nice, but cover is neatly loose from staples with some small scuffed spots) - $64 buy now

Life Magazine - SMALL Edition - November 23, 1936

I have seen only one version of LIFE in this size and it has the same cover and content as the first edition of LIFE magazine, November 23, 1936. These could have been a promotion item or a bonus for subscribers. However, one copy I received had this note in it : "Issued by Cornell for a Margaret Bourke-White exhibit in the 1970s, about 250 printed." This certainly could be true, but I have not found that information anywhere else yet. They measure 8 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches. The content inside is an exact reproduction of the content of the first issue of LIFE magazine, but reduced in size. A neat way to own and read the first issue of LIFE!
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Life Magazine - MINI Edition - November 23, 1936

SCARCE. This has the same cover as the first edition of LIFE magazine, November 23, 1936 and was glued inside the special embossed brown binder issued for the first group of LIFE magazines. It measures about 3 1/4 inches x 2 1/2 inches, has around 20 pages and has sample content from a range of early Life issues. This cute, little mini-magazine is some kind of promotional printing. RARE and fun!
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Life Magazine November 30, 1936 Life Magazine November 30, 1936 : Cover - West Point Military Academy (feature inside).

Absolute grossest pictures of open brain surgery, it was meant to be a cure for epilepsy. Full page Studebaker car ad with price, photo and much more, $665. Another president goes to sea, includes photo of barefoot sailors swabbing the deck of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, plus other great photos of the ship, inside and out, including one of the ship's four bi-wing airplanes. Story and photos of the crash of a private plane, John A. Shobe, daughter of Dr. William P. Murphy, crash in snowstorm over New York. American Federation of Labor (AF of L) at the annual convention in Tampa. Press agent Steve Hannagan's Girls, many are bathing suit models, numerous photos including "skiing" at the beach. . Picture life of Stalin. Rembrandt (movie and paintings). Mapping the Yukon The Walter Wood expedition, American Geographical Society, includes first ascent of Mt. Steele, aerial photo of Mt. Lucania, more. Photos of India. Neat photo of a wind tunnel outside Berlin - the caption mentions that Nazi Germany plans to supply the Japanese (if only the whole cycle could have been stopped there!). Full page color Campbell's Tomato soup ad with art by Sykes. Belboir hunt. Paintings by Adolf Hitler. Feature on Argentina, including two page aerial photo of Buenos Aires. Football - photos of Cal Hubbard of New York Giants, Southwestern College (Memphis) team captained by Thayer Houts. Full page LIFE magazine ad with great photo of race car crash, "Wild Bill" Cassidy at Washington, Pennsylvania (July 20, 1936). Tiger! Bird-roping (Argentinean Nandus).
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Life Magazine December 7, 1936Life Magazine December 7, 1936 : Cover – Skiing photo by Dr. Paul Wolff.

Noel Coward – richest actor. Lady Roosevelt visits Milwaukee. Femail Pearl divers in Japan. Adolf Hitler biography – early photos. German Admiral Erich Raeder. Russian Mote Carlo Balley Russe – Alexandra Danilova and Leonide Massine. Amelita Galli-Curci in Chicago. Sergei Rachmaninoff. Printmaker Muirhead Bone. The earliest LIFE skiing feature! Skiing is fun and makes beautiful pictures – St. Moritz, Corvinglia Ski Hut, more, photos by Dr. P Wolf & Lionel Green. The Moors in Spain. Wolf hunt in Texas – John A Rowa, Frank Harrell, A E. Outlaw, South Texas Wolf Hunters Association. Life goes to the birthday of Sultan of Surakarta. Back page Camel as with African explorer Lawrence T. K. Griswold.
Good - $75 buy now
Fair - (All Very Good, nice, framable cover, but last three pages are missing bit of blank margin) - $35 buy now

Life Magazine December 14, 1936Life Magazine December 14, 1936: Cover - Archbishop of Canterbury.

First climb of Mt. Mystery (now Mt. Waddington) the highest peak in the coastal range of British Columbia by Fritz Wiessner, Alanson Willcox, William House, and Miss Elizabeth Woolsey (best woman skier in North America). Gus Gennerich at Rio. President Roosevelt at Rio de Janeiro. Line of freighters frozen in the ice close to the locks of Sault Ste. Marie. Six Day bicycle race in Madison Square Garden - nice group of photos. Nettie Rosenstein dress designer. Battle of fence in western USA, with King Ranch, includes photos of Luther Blanton, John Blanton and families, Captain William McMurray. Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson and King-Emperor Edward Windsor. Surrealism - art. Movie - "Lost Horizon." Great Britain's Depressed areas : South Wales, Cumberland and Tyneside. GOLD (color feature), with William French and John Goldhammer. Photos of a cock fight. Full page movie ad for "The Plainsman." Neat photo of an airplane landed neatly in the top of an apple tree - flown there by Fred Koehnlein after propeller fell off.
Good - $38 buy now
Fair - (All Very Good, nice, with framable cover, has mildly water marked edge) - $18 buy now
Fair - (All Very Good, nice, but cover split along spine and loose. Tape to make a great copy!) - $18 buy now

Life Magazine December 21, 1936Life Magazine December 21, 1936 : Cover - Lord Beaverbrook's granddaughter in fancy baby carriage with old gentleman friend.

Photos of recovery of frozen prospector Leslie Bacon who died in blizzard at a claim high above Gold King Mine 25 miles from Durango, Colorado. Pittsburgh - especially the huge slag heap and the steel industry, Cardinals. Tattooing – color feature. London's biggest fire – the Crystal Palace. Two page center spread 1937 Oldsmobile ad. Star of Bethlehem in Hayden Planetarium in New York. Paintings by Peter Scott : Ducks in color. Radiolaria models in color by Herman Mueller. Newest movie queen, Merle Oberon. Union Pacific dinner. Bombing of Madrid during Spanish civil war. Antoine Hair salon in Saks Fifth Avenue and permanent hair waves. Flea circus and Herbert Le Roy Heckler. LIFE goes to a golden wedding party in Omaha with the J.J. Pelleys for Harriette and Carl Gray, special train. Nice full page Plymouth ad - $510. Photos of Leon Booth, Jr. 16 months-old getting his first hair cut. Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson and her royal beaus. Neat page of photos pertaining to testing of the new “Flying Fortress” Boeing YB-17 airplane. Striking seamen and photos of their on-ship lifestyle.
Good - $38 buy now
Fair (All Very Good, nice, but back cover has a large scuff) - $28 buy now
Fair (All Very Good, nice, but front cover has a chip on upper edge) - $18 buy now

Life Magazine December 28, 1936Life Magazine December 28, 1936 : Cover photo of Metropolitan Opera's Ballet.

Gone with the wind, the book – the millionth copy was printed on December 15th – this article is a photo guide to some of the places in the book. Quite a few photos pertaining to mothers nursing babies. Really cool Bog Buggy, tractor with huge balloon wheels for prospecting in Louisiana bogs, Gulf Oil Corporation. Full page photo of the perfect football face, Earl Clark, Dutch, of the Detroit Lions, in football helmet. Lindy hoppers (Lindy Hop dance). Arthur Murry. Murray studio, wonderful photos of Renee and Antonio De Marco dancing at the Hotel Plaza. Fred Astaire dancing, great photos. The De Marcos, Russian embassy, Chiang Kai-shek, Ski Slide (ski meet in Madison Square Garden). Funny photo series of Chimpanzees as prize fighters. Wonderful story of Bill Wincapaws, father and son, flying Christmas boxes to Lighthouses and Coast Guard stations and lonely fishermen on Maine islands for La Touraine Coffee company, Santa Claus in an airplane. Christ as the great painters saw him. Charles E. Burchfield paints America. Small piece on newly discovered Dinosaur footprints in Picketwire canyon, Purgatoire river, Colorado.
Good - $38 buy now